Sun Flux by Sharp Energy Investments is a futuristic PV Solar Hot Water Controller which assures an easier and more affordable adoption of solar energy and huge cost savings for the homeowner.

Stapylton, Queensland (QLD) – September 14, 2018 – Americans apprehensive of transitioning to solar energy due to pricey upfront cost can finally heave a sigh of relief. A visionary solar startup from Australia, Sharp Energy Investments (SEI), has recently launched its breakthrough PV Solar Hot Water Controller in the American market that will make transition to solar age more convenient and affordable than ever before. Titled “Sun Flux”, the controller has been able to save $90 per month for a user in Australia and promises equally amazing cost saving for American homes as well.


“Our goal with Sun Flux was to help transition homeowners into the solar ecosystem with a product that is as cost-effective as to install and will provide real cash savings for many years to come. Hot water systems are generally the single largest point of energy consumption within the average home, accounting for up to 40% of the average homes power bill, so it was the logical place to start.”, stated Geoff Hourigan of Sharp Energy Investments. 

“The SEI’s mission is to not only pioneer groundbreaking new solar technologies but to refine the technology enough that we can make it affordable for everyday people”.


SUN Flux is especially designed to help homeowners take the maiden step towards the futuristic “Solar Age”. What’s special about the product is that it uses electric solar power and not  thermal solar like the existing counterparts. This innovative mechanism helps to overcome almost all kinds of limitations we see with traditional solar hot water systems.  

The regular solar hot water controllers demand huge upfront expense for mounting water tank on roof and there are also additional costs for plumbing to keep the controller in action. SEI’s revolutionary product has proven to offer more credibility and more efficiency in a wider range of weather conditions and also noticeably reduce the cost of installation. The new-age controller does not require plumbing assistance for installation which assures big savings for clients.  

The SEI controller only needs solar panels to power the user’s existent electric hot water system. And surprisingly, users will enjoy savings here as well. Sun Flux’s patented technology has reduced the number of panels needed from 14 to just 4! But would that hurt the efficiency quotient? Well, according to Mr. Hourigan, there is no such risk with Sun Flux.


“Our innovative system has been independently verified by the University of Melbourne, Australia and the test result shows a peak efficiency of 96% – despite the use less number of panels. Put simply, our product is the most cost-effective product on the solar market at present in regards to ROI and it can help you save hundreds of dollars each year.” 

Mr. Hourigan also stressed that in most cases Sun Flux will pay for itself in less than 2 years and after that it’s just FREE water for homeowners.


After massive success in Australia, SEI is confident to receive an equally positive response in the UK market. The company also has plans to reach out to European and Asian markets by the early quarter of 2019.

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