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Life Through A Mirror

“The Life Through A Mirror trilogy demonstrates the author's ability to keep readers interest over the course of three books. I give this series 5-stars and highly recommend reading the trilogy.” – Google buyer review


A murder mystery trilogy has many components. All of which are captured in these three books. The titles are; “Life Through A Mirror, Life Through A Mirror,” “The Battle Rages On,” and “Life Through A Mirror – When Murder Calls.” When asked about the story concept, Caesar Rondina replied, “I always wanted to write a murder mystery trilogy. As a retired firefighter and paramedic of over 30 years, I have cared for over 76,000 patients, was part of hundreds of crime scenes, and testified in numerous trials. Writing this series was very rewarding. The crime scenes are true to life, as are the court trials.”

Caesar Rondina added, “The story revolves around two main characters. Allie and David. Both with a past to fix, When they meet, they are drawn together over time, and the family characters and crime figures enter the plot, leading to the first murder. Each book leads to the next, with each book involving a different murder as the lives of the characters evolve. What I enjoyed most about this series is that these events can actually happen, and in some cases, they are an offshoot of cases I was involved with.”

Caesar Rondina states, “Verbiage is used to describe the equipment used at the crime scenes. However, at no time does a reader have to stop to Google a term. Every term is defined and explained while reading the books.”

Caesar Rondina added, “This is a romantic murder mystery series. A reader cannot help but become attached to the characters as they follow their lives over the length of the series. Each book offers closure for the crime, but the cliffhanger revolves around the live's of the characters. The final book resolves all questions but if also left in a way to continue the series if I find the readers want that. All books in this trilogy are available in print, e-book, and audiobook.”

When asked about future projects, Caesar Rondina stated, “My love story, 'When Two Worlds Collide,' will be released this September. This is a story about two college students, Jill and Tony. It revolves around the real-life obstacles they must face and overcome to try and make their love survive. I am presently writing my new private investigator series for 2020, 'From The Ax Diaries – Trapped In Revenge.' Thoughts of extending 'Life Through A Mirror,' and a sequel to 'When Two Worlds Collide,' are always an option.”

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