PHILADELPHIA, PA, October 07, 2018 — Now that fall has officially arrived, it is an ideal time to focus on the essentials to keep your vehicle safe while getting to and from class. We here at Delta Auto Protect know what it takes to keep your car in shape and we have some essential tips for your routine auto maintenance.

Keep a close eye on your vehicle's tires. Improper tire pressure can not only lower the fuel efficiency of your vehicle but it may also increase the wear and tear resulting in the need to replace them sooner than normal. Keep a tire pressure gauge in your glove compartment and try to remember to check the pressure once a month.

Give all the lights in your vehicle a visual inspection. Improperly working headlights reduce the clarity you have on the road at night, but a failed taillight makes it harder for other cars to see you. These are two different dangers you can put yourself in with a simple fix! And of course, don't forget to check your blinkers and hazard lights while you're at it.

Make sure your car's battery is keeping a proper charge. Coming out of classes only to find out your car won't start can put a real damper on an already long day. If your car is a bit sluggish to start or if the electronics inside (radio, dashboard lights) are giving you trouble you may need to replace the battery. Car batteries tend to last about five years, so if it has been a while, it might be time for a new one.

Top off all essential fluids. On top of making sure your car is receiving regular oil changes, you need to check in on the transmission, brake, windshield wiper and coolant fluid levels. Mind you, this is just a short list of the fluids your vehicle needs to run efficiently and clean/fresh fluids will keep your engine running as smooth as possible. Consult your vehicle's manufacturers guide for a list of fluids and where their reservoirs are located for optimal results.

Keeping a routine maintenance plan using the tips listed above can save you time and money on the road during the school year by avoiding simple mistakes that can potentially lead to larger more costly automotive problems.

Since inception, Delta Auto Protect has been servicing Vehicle Owners with dedicated quality care and providing comprehensive coverage to all drivers nationwide. Since the beginning, our goal has been to provide exceptional service, eliminating delays, and developing the industry standard for Extended Vehicle Service Programs. How do we do it? Delta Auto Protect is staffed with ASE certified technicians who work for you. Our staff speaks directly with your repair center and provides coverage authorization in a timely manner directly over the phone.

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