Interviews with Bauhaus students

During the 100th anniversary celebrations of the foundation of the Bauhaus, we tend to look back to understand the impact of this groundbreaking movement. But the century-old Bauhaus spirit is alive and well in Weimar and Dessau, where students live and study at the Bauhaus-University Weimar and the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. “Bauhaus is an architectural World Heritage building; an important part of design development. But for me, it is also ‘the museum I’m studying in!’ ” explains one of the students, whom we asked to share insider tips for sightseeing, eating and drinking in BauhausLand.


Weimar, students agree that it is a privilege to study in the main university building, designed by Henry van de Velde. “These hallowed halls reflect the spirit of the Bauhaus. Bauhaus was not just a building style, but also a way to think and learn.” In Dessau, students love the main Bauhaus building, but the Masters’ Houses are extra special: “You feel close to professors, such as Paul Klee. Walter Gropius even furnished his house with Marcel Breuer-designed furniture!”


“The obvious spot is the NEW Bauhaus Museum Weimar that just opened in April. And we get to walk past it every day!” Students also recommend the Haus am Horn. Built in 1923, this first-ever Bauhaus house is a great way to understand what the Bauhaus movement was, and still is, all about. In

Dessau, “Make sure you get to the Törten Housing Estate on the edge of

Dessau. Built as affordable housing, this is still home to 300 families”.


In Weimar, the Bauhaus.Atelier café buzzes with students, staff and visitors. The building was originally a Bauhaus studio: „Animals, such as cows, were brought in for drawing and painting classes!” Today, enjoy coffee and cake and buy authentic souvenirs: student-designed prints, jewellery, even

Bauhaus socks and toys! In Dessau, “Eat at the Kornhaus, a 1930 Bauhaus building overlooking the Elbe River”. Sit out on the terrace on a sunny day; relax and order a meal; drink local wines. 


And there are so many more gems in BauhausLand: “Don’t miss the Hermann Beims Estate, a 1929 social housing experiment in Magdeburg. And in Elbingerode, 150 nuns still live at Neuvandsburg, a Bauhaus-style convent in the Harz Mountains.” Students love the history of the Bauhaus Ceramics Workshop that Gropius set up in Dornburg: “It just re-opened as a museum on June 1st.” Another tip is Arnstadt: “In 1928, 80 dairy farmers commissioned architect Martin Schwarz to build the Milchhof dairy co-op.”

Insider Tips

  • Everyone is looking forward to September 8th, when the brand NEW Bauhaus Museum Dessau opens: “Be there and join in the fun!”
  • For great photos in Dessau, “Visit the Bauhaus building in the late afternoon; the sun is setting, light streams in through the glass walls and windows.”
  • In Weimar, a great selfie spot is with Eve, Auguste Rodin's well-known sculpture: “In the foyer on the ground floor of the main building, the statue is framed by the University’s most beautiful staircase.”
  • In Weimar, the s140 students’ café in the “M18” student house is run by students: “Really good coffee costs only one Euro a cup!”

Many thanks to the alumni and students, who contributed, including Dominic Dives, Laura Jähnert, Benjamin Voigt and Karen Häcker (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (; Lucia Trias and Rebekka (Bauhaus Foundation in Dessau).


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