New York's Times Square, which occupies less than 1% of New York's total area, is responsible for 10% of New York's gross output. Therefore countless well-known brands, such as Alibaba,, Baidu, Midea, and Haier, come to the “Crossroads of the World” for the opportunity to show off on the Nasdaq big screen and enhance the international recognition of their brand.

The world bears witness to Big John's entrance to the Western World

Times Square has witnessed the rise of countless brands from obscurity to worldwide sensation. Big John's brings together the fusion of Chinese culture and Western culture that breaks out of western food stereotypes and creates a whole new type of western food for people to enjoy. At this special moment, with all the world at attention, a delicious new food experience has arrived.

Big John's has made unremitting efforts toward leading the fashion trends of century-old food. This display is a milestone in Big John's entrance to the world stage and expanding the international recognition of the well-known brand.

Hundreds of years of food art, famous all over the world

Big John's insists on using pure natural ingredients. Green, healthy, and organic, all to show off their culinary artist's truly discerning nature and formulate new delicious recipes. Under the leadership of Michelin-starred chef Glen Johnson, Big John's discovered different cuttings and heating angles that had a profound influence on the final taste of their dishes. After hundreds of trials, the food is cooked on the basis of an equilateral triangle, 60 degrees, bringing out the essence and flavor of the fresh ingredients.

The market is always changing, but with change comes opportunity and challenges. Big John's has steadily developed across China, opening more than 400 franchise stores. Additionally, they has been the recipient of numerous restaurant awards including the “Industry Pioneer” award and the “2017 Guangdong Highest Value Franchise Brand” award. With these awards and commercial success, Big John has gained reputation, popularity, and visibility in China. Their development is in full swing and each step forward becomes firmer.

Big John's sprints to the peak

Big John's cooperated with the education industry's Story Talk of Kay to release a warm parent-child package. This cross-border cooperation confirms the brand's visibility. As Big John's founder says, “Big John's western food is going out into the world, this is just the beginning.” Big John's branding campaign is in full swing with a brand strategy conference to be held soon. This display at Times Square is just the first step that shows Big John's determination to build up an international western food brand.

SOURCE Big John's

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