Chicago residents have been waiting for this day for a long time. On social media, in meetings, or even just on the street I've encountered serious interest in having access to a more equitable, more convenient way to get around town. I'm so happy Bird can now help meet that need here,” said David Estrada, Chief Policy Officer at Bird.

Since its founding, Bird's mission has been to make cities more livable by reducing traffic and carbon emissions. The company is focused on making our vehicles the best transportation solution for replacing short car trips — 40 percent of which are under three miles long.

“We are thrilled that Chicago is taking this important first step in offering a more equitable and fun alternative to sitting in traffic. It is our sincere hope that the city will watch this program closely and see how effective Bird is at getting people out of cars, connecting to public transit, and improving the overall flow of the city,” Estrada said.

Bird will prioritize community outreach and safety education, particularly in the early days and weeks of the pilot program to help familiarize the Chicago community with best practices for how to ride and park. All riders will watch a safety video before their first ride, and local rules and city-specific safety messaging are available for riders to access any time they ride. Bird is also offering in-person demonstrations throughout the weekend and summer.



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