New version of this sophisticated DAM system will include enhanced 'workflows' functionality and will allow users to save time and ensure data completeness.

Press Release updated: Jul 1, 2019 10:00 EDT

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, July 1, 2019 – ​Increasing its leadership in product information management and digital asset management platforms for brands, BrandQuad releases the next major upgrade to its DAM module. The new module functionality includes an enhanced workflow engine that will allow managers to save time while working with digital assets approval and ensure the image data completeness and copyright.

The introduction of the new workflows engine in the current DAM module inside BrandQuad’s product will allow companies to better control and maintain the high quality of the information and assets while building business processes in the right and efficient way.

The new DAM also has additional sophisticated features such as:

1. Metadata for complete control

Access, track and enrich the key file data when necessary. Tag files automatically for grouping and easy search.

2. Highly flexible DAM system

Store production, marketing, certification and education digital assets in the preferred structure, resolution and formats. Support for jpg, png, avi, mpeg, psd, pdf, zip, tiff files and others.

3. Real-time file publishing mode

Set up the link’s time limit and access password if needed. Share the link with partners, clients, retailers and other departments.

4. File licensing management

Use triggers to make sure all files are up to date. Once expired, the image may be deleted, tagged or no longer be accessed by external users. Set up triggers to make sure all files are up to date.

5. Quick and easy editing of files

Rename, resize and change file format. Rotate, zoom and crop images by using the built-in file editor. Bulk automatic image cropping.

6. Smart linking between products and folders

Set up rules to automatically link files with products and folders. Once uploaded, the file will undergo a linking process automatically.

Thanks to BrandQuad, our company combined all of the product information in a single smart catalogue in which all of the company’s departments are involved. Our partners and retailers automatically receive A+ content in a required format. The speed of the process amazes us and exceeds our wildest expectations,” said Boris Mamedov, commercial director CPD at Loreal, Russia.

BrandQuad is a team of professionals, offering full client support at all stages. They are responsible, complete all tasks on time and are eager to constantly change and improve the system as soon as any company requires a new feature. Product listing has accelerated at least two-fold,” said Julia Scherbina, e-commerce and digital marketing specialist at Grohe, Russia.

The new DAM platform by BrandQuad helps departments to collaborate by assigning tasks and responsibilities, powers the syndication of valuable product content across e-commerce channels and provides 6P ecommerce insights and actionable analytics to increase online sales.

Check a full list of BrandQuad DAM system's features and get its free demo here.​

BrandQuad has achieved success and recognition across the Russian market with clients such as Nestle, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Loreal, PepsiCo, and others.

To improve the e-commerce experience, check our knowledge base:

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  2. Digital Asset Management (DAM) basics
  3. Product Experience Management (PXM) basics

About BrandQuad:

BrandQuad is a product content management suite for manufacturers, retailers and distributors where they create, enrich, manage and export high-quality content.

Source: BrandQuad

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