LOS ANGELES–()–From the creative vision of Latina mogul Damaris Rosado comes Damaris Cosmetics, launching with three iconic lipsticks to inspire and celebrate beauty and self-expression through a new vision, which embraces beauty at any age. www.damariscosmetics.com

As one of the most influential businesswomen in the Latinx world, Damaris Rosado's new approach to makeup manifests in every aspect of the brand. Vegan and not tested in animals, Damaris Cosmetics’ mission is to help people enhance natural beauty and bring forward thinking to beauty as we know it.

In every product Damaris Cosmetics' message is clear: “There is beauty in every human being. There is potential to enhance and bring forth what is already there.”

Damaris Rosado's achievements as a world-class entrepreneur and creative visionary are set to make a permanent mark on the fashion and beauty industries worldwide.


Damaris Rosado is a Venezuelan entrepreneur and life coach. Born in the city of Caracas, Damaris is the daughter of a homemaker and a businessman. A graduate of Nueva Estarta University, in many ways Damaris Rosado has set the template for the modern Latina. Talented, educated and independent, she has used the international platform she created with her husband, best-selling author and life coach, Juan Rosado, to pursue their common interest and causes.

Damaris credits her father as her inspiration and mentor as she often followed in his footsteps. The only girl among five brothers, Damaris dreamed of becoming a model or a flight attendant when growing up. She also knew early on she was going to marry a visionary and a dreamer.

In 2002 Damaris met Juan Rosado while he was visiting Venezuela on business. She credits Rosado with teaching her to believe in her dreams, how to achieve those dreams and make them a reality.

Adding filmmaker and producer to her resume, Damaris' life story together with her husband Juan Rosado has become the major motion picture El Guardia (The Security Guard.) Based on her husband's best-selling book From Rags To Riches, the film, produced by Kee Films, has received global distribution and it was recently announced that it will premiere at Cannes Marché Du Film in May 2019. It will be coming soon to theaters.

Damaris Rosado is widely considered one of the most influential Latina business owners of her time. A mother of three girls, she continues paving the way for many other aspiring Latina entrepreneurs who follow her.


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Damaris Cosmetics will officially launch on June 6, 2019 in Miami.


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