Practicing Innovation in Governance: Center for Education Reform’s “Reality Check with Jeanne Allen” Hosts Mark Johnson

“Reality Check with Jeanne Allen,” the weekly podcast hosted by CER’s founder and CEO, released its 66th episode this week featuring Mark Johnson, North Carolina’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, who was elected to his position on a pro-school choice platform.

Johnson credits his innovative approach to education oversight to his time spent teaching in Charlotte, NC. This experience motivated him to revitalize the public school system, so he ran for state superintendent against a 12-year incumbent. He won as a self-described change agent, backed by voters who were worried that their schools lacked the urgency needed to innovate. Johnson recognizes the need for schools to implement entrepreneurial techniques and approaches, following the model seen in private sector institutions. His schools thrive by offering families educational choices geared to meet society’s demands, specifically those mounted by a rapidly-advancing information age.

In addition to discussing Johnson’s work, this week’s episode covers the irony of teacher strikes, the problem of obstructive state governments and the persistent successes of the school choice movement.

“Every student should have the opportunity to go to school, work hard, and reach their American Dream.” — Mark Johnson

LISTEN HERE: An Anomaly in Public Ed: Innovation-minded NC State Superintendent Mark Johnson on Apple Podcasts

Reality Check is a weekly podcast that features a variety of guests who bring personal stories of work in the field, amid the increasingly contentious and partisan environment around education. Past guests have included national voices Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Purdue University President Mitch Daniels, public school leaders and everyone in between. You can listen to Reality Check on iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, and Stitcher. To learn more, visit edreform.com and follow us on Twitter @edreform and @JeanneAllen.

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