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LOUISVILLE, Colo., August 27, 2018 – Rogue Wave Software is pleased to announce a $10,000 donation to ChickTech, a national nonprofit serving tens of thousands of girls and women pursuing education and careers in technology.

“Diversity in the workforce is crucial to the success of any technology company,” says Brian Pierce, Rogue Wave CEO. “The work that ChickTech does to engage women and empower girls helps all of us become better technology leaders, mentors and practitioners.”

Founded in 2012, ChickTech works to engage women and girls of all ages in creating a global movement committed to inclusivity, equal opportunity and non-discrimination. Through mentoring, workshops and internship opportunities, ChickTech positively impacts girls’ and women’s lives to improve the technology industry as a whole.

As ChickTech continues to expand both nationally and globally, dedicated and passionate partners such as Rogue Wave are critical for us to increase opportunities for girls and women.

Janice Levenhagen-Seeley

Founder & CEO, ChickTech

“We're excited and grateful to be starting an impactful partnership with Rogue Wave,” says ChickTech founder and CEO Janice Levenhagen-Seeley. “As ChickTech continues to expand both nationally and globally, dedicated and passionate partners such as Rogue Wave are critical for us to increase opportunities for girls and women. We also look forward to joining the ZendCon & OpenEnterprise community in October to continue the discussion on how all of us can create change within our local and global communities.”

Levenhagen-Seely will be keynoting at ZendCon & OpenEnterprise 2018, running from Oct. 15-17, 2018, in Las Vegas. Early bird registration for the conference ends on Aug. 31, 2018.

About Rogue Wave Software

Rogue Wave helps thousands of global enterprise customers tackle the hardest and most complex issues in building, connecting and securing applications. Since 1989, our platforms, tools, components and support have been used across financial services, technology, healthcare, government, entertainment and manufacturing to deliver value and reduce risk. From API management, web and mobile, embeddable analytics, static and dynamic analysis to open source support, we have the software essentials to innovate with confidence. For more information, visit

About ChickTech

ChickTech is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to retaining women in the technology workforce and increasing the number of women and girls pursuing technology-based careers. With 27 chapters in the U.S. and Canada, ChickTech offers interactive and educational workshops, mentoring and internship opportunities for high school girls who aspire to pursue technology careers. Additionally, ChickTech provides career events for women in technology fields to create a supportive community of professionals to network, grow their skills and discover employers looking for exceptional talent. For more information, visit

Source: Rogue Wave Software

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