Chromebooks powered by the Intel Core i3-sdfs processor and the Intel Core m3-wfew processor performed tasks more quickly than a Chromebook powered by the Intel Celeron N4000 processor.

Chromebooks Powered by Intel Core Processors Could Save Students Time on Creative School Projects, Principled Technologies Study Shows

Durham, NC, July 09, 2019 — Chromebooks are dominant in the education market; but with so many choices, schools may find it difficult to make a decision on which Chromebook to use for their one-to-one programs. Principled Technologies (PT) compared the time it took three devices to complete tasks in key creative apps:

– Dell Chromebook 3100 powered by an Intel Celeron N4000 processor
– ASUS Chromebook C434T powered by an Intel Core m3-8100Y processor
– Acer Chromebook Spin 13 powered by an Intel Core i3-8130U processor

According to the report, “Though all of the devices completed tasks in good time, classrooms may get more mileage out of the Intel Core i3 processor-powered device.”

To learn more about the results, read the full report at and watch a comparison video at

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