The North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center is proud to host an Artist Reception for visual artist Claire Pupo, taking place at 17894 Tyler Foote Rd in Nevada City, California on Saturday March 9th from 6-10 pm, and featuring Stephanie Ulrich’s Psychic Snake Readings.

Claire Pupo is a visual artist from Spokane, WA currently living in Northern California. She received her BFA in painting from Marylhurst University outside of Portland, OR in 2013. Pupo has shown her work in Portland, OR, Louisville, KY, and Gold Country in Northern CA. Claire Pupo’s move to Gold Country in 2016 came at an intense time of struggle with a neurological disorder called misophonia and within the midst of a massive transition through heartbreak, personal growth, and spiritual development.

Coupled with the overwhelming natural beauty of the area, Claire Pupo found inspiration to create works that relay her experience with surprise, adaptation, intense meditation, and self-care. The playful element to some of the work derives from Claire Pupo’s fascination with psychology, namely the Rorschach Test of the 1930s. Many of Claire Pupo’s works are created based on her interpretation of paint blots on paper that she cuts out and pastes onto her painting surfaces. The magic is using her connection to Source/Guidance/The One to create environments for these blots that eventually lead to their anthropomorphication and the construction of narratives between them.

Along with the paint blots, the serpent is a powerful symbol of divinity and personal spiritual development in Claire Pupo’s work. In late summer and early fall of 2018, Claire Pupo found herself in a sticky situation that provided an overwhelming amount of stress, shame, and intense self-transformation. It was at this time Claire Pupo began to create images of a double headed serpent in many of her pieces. The double heads represent the overarching and oftentimes frustrating duality of nature: Macro and Micro. Life and Death. Dark and Light. Wants vs Needs. Growth vs Stagnation. However, the double headed serpents also represent an attempt to revitalize a connection to past selves and foster those relationships while trying to stay present and heal. Ultimately, the lesson and healing message from the double headed serpent is to realize that everything is perfect because it simply IS. Past and present and future exist simultaneously, and information can be gathered from each place at any time if the desire is present. Death is Life and Life is Death.

Visual artist Claire Pupo creates acrylic paintings and other special pieces focused on the strange juxtaposition of the outrageously meta nuances of contemporary life and the attempt to journey toward elusive spiritual awakening. Inspiration for the work is derived from Claire Pupo's experiences with synesthesia, misophonia, feminism, and the ethereal.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Claire Pupo at (509) 863-3101, or email claire.pupo (at) gmail (dot) com or visit

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