JINAN, China, Aug. 20, 2018The Confucian Merchants Conference 2018 (CMC), hosted by the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the People's Government of Shandong Province, will be held in Jinan, China from September 28 to 30.

The themes of the conference are “The Great Way to Confucian Entrepreneurship: Integrity and Credibility” and “New Era, New Vision, New Energies, New Confucian Entrepreneurs”. Throughout the event, various activities will be held in all the 17 cities across Shandong.

The conference aims to apply the guidelines of President Xi Jinping's thoughts on Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the 19th National Congress of the CPC and especially the guidelines of the important instructions and comments delivered by President Xi Jinping during his inspection tour of Shandong. To gain new competitive advantages in developing Shandong's open economy, it is imperative to promote the Confucian entrepreneurship in the modern era, giving full play to the role of entrepreneurs. This will help create the lively atmosphere of encouraging respected entrepreneurs to embark on their careers in society at large, inspiring them to practice Confucianism — to work for national prosperity and the benefits of people by actively funding major projects to replace old growth drivers with new ones. In a word, they are expected to work as pioneering entrepreneurs in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and in the course of socialist modernization, making greater contribution to upgrading modern Shandong open economy comprehensively.

The general schedule will be as follows: On the afternoon of September 28, provincial leaders will have an informal discussion with some of the conference guests. On the evening of 28, the Welcome Banquet will be held, followed by a Themed Performance at the Daming Lake in Jinan. On the morning of September 29, the opening ceremony will take place. On the afternoon of 29, 11 parallel forums will be held. On September 30, guests will leave for the 17 cities to participate in featured theme activities. The conference will also feature exhibitions on Shandong's achievements in economic and social developments, the planning of Shandong's major projects to replace old growth drivers with new ones and time-honored and iconic Shandong brand products.

The conference brings together representative entrepreneurs from both Shandong and other provinces who have invested in or cooperated with Shandong province, and influential representatives from the business sector, as well as academic and research institutions who have studied or worked in the province and made major contributions to its economic and social developments. Roughly 1,000 guests will be invited, of whom 30% are from within the province, 40% from other provinces in China and the other 30% overseas.

Major Highlights

The conference aims firstly to highlight the unique characteristics of Shandong province, which, as the cradle of Confucian culture, embodies long-standing traditional Chinese culture and modern entrepreneurship, and is creating a new unique modern version of Confucian entrepreneurship. The conference will further explore the rich content and typical characteristics of Confucian entrepreneurship, and call on outstanding entrepreneurs and important people from home and abroad to gather in Shandong. Adhering to the Confucian maxims of “serving a just cause for the common good to achieve harmony and unity”, with concerted efforts Shandong will promote the development of the province to new levels.

Secondly, the conference aims to build a platform to promote business prosperity in Shandong province. By hosting the conference, the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the People's Government of Shandong Province intend to promote the Confucian entrepreneurship in the modern era, building cooperation mechanisms and platforms, expanding contacts, and creating an environment in which this new business philosophy will flourish. With Confucian entrepreneurship as a matchmaker, the meeting provides a venue for making friends from all walks of life, seizing business opportunities, and attracting and developing the talent, technology and capital necessary for innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as inspiring enthusiasm for promoting investment and attracting talent and know how across the whole province. Thus, the conference represents not only a grand reunion for Shandong Confucian entrepreneurs from home and abroad to come back to their native soil, to revive memories, and to contribute to its development, but also a grand gathering of Confucian entrepreneurs from all over the world. The conference will bring together learned, honest, and ambitious Confucian entrepreneurs to Jinan, in the sincere hope that many will gather in Shandong, be adopted by Shandong, and contribute to Shandong.

Thirdly, the conference aims to promote the accumulation of high-level resources. At its 11 industry forums, including new-generation information technology, high-end equipment, new energy, new materials, modern marine-time industry, medical care and elderly care, advanced chemical engineering, modern efficient agriculture, cultural innovation, fine tourism, contemporary financing services and so on, the conference will promote interchange between talents from various fields, cutting-edge discussion of development trends and investment opportunities in relevant fields, and the provision of suggestions regarding Shandong's critical projects to restart economic momentum, industrial transformation and modernization, and investment promotion. Focusing on the “Top Ten” industries in the province, Shandong is dedicated to the optimization, improvement and growth of this industry grouping. Shandong will also further integrate chains of industry, capital, talent and innovation, and systematically introduce the major projects, policies and talent needed for high-quality development in Shandong, thus demonstrating the new opportunities, new momentum and new prospects available for development in Shandong.

Fourthly, the conference aims to be meticulous and refined. Striving to comprehend the individual needs of each guest, the organizer of CMC will deliver attentive services during the entire conference process, creating opportunities for people from all walks of life to realize their ambitions. To capitalize upon the opportunity, all 17 cities have planned various featured exchange events, which are designed to deliver “accurate introduction and better service”. CMC encourages guests, particularly those who can visit their hometowns, to do so, meet friends and relatives, and establish regular contact. Via uniting people through nostalgia, friendship, affection and heartfelt sentiment, the organizer of CMC wishes to promote a sense of recognition and belonging, and thus see an increased return of talent, projects, capital and headquarters to the province.

The fifth aim of the conference is to be long-lasting. Shandong plans to repeat the conference every two years, and has set up a permanent secretariat position. When the conference is not in session, under the leadership of the Secretariat, heads of provincial government departments and eminent industrialists will be responsible for organizing groups for regular exchanges, covering fields such as industry and commerce, science and technology, education, culture and tourism, health, finance, overseas associations and the overseas Chinese community, and the new generation and young entrepreneurs. CMC plans to attract more Shandong merchants to come home to start businesses, and will draw more Confucian entrepreneurs into participation in Shandong's lively reform and development, and thus to strongly underpin this new perspective on the construction of a powerful modern province in the new era.

SOURCE Information Office of the People's Government of Shandong Province

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