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With two weeks until the start of the 33rd annual iaedp™ Symposium, scheduled for February 7-10, attendees have at least 10 beneficial reasons to attend this year’s eating disorders conference with nearly 60 presentations, workshops and special events and keynote speakers who are some of the country’s leading professionals in the field of eating disorders.

1.    Be part of a national networking event. Whether it’s during panel discussions or in lobby conversations, there’s an opportunity to meet hundreds of people who are professionals in the field of eating disorders.

2.    Plan ahead to maximize time and experience with the iaedp™ mobile application, a free interactive tool that makes it easy for attendees to plan and participate in the 2019 iaedp™ Symposium.

3.    Experience the keynote speakers, some of the most noted professionals in the field of eating disorders. Their presentations will offer insight into some of the most innovative research in the field.

4.    See the five finalists in the 9th annual “Imagine Me Beyond What You See” body image mannequin art competition. The five finalists will be showcased and the winner revealed during this year’s iaedp™ Symposium.

5.    Participate in core courses that begin just before the iaedp™ Symposium program. For experienced eating disorders professionals who qualify, this program is a pathway to the certification process.

6.    Take advantage of the preconference trainings that address the clinical complexity of eating disorders.

7.    Learn about MemberSHARE. As a way to further its mission at the grassroots level, the iaedp™ Foundation has launched MemberSHARE, an online peer community solely dedicated to fostering an environment to support its professional members.

8.    Participate in eight key presentations in Spanish. Many international members prefer the Spanish presentations, and many members are bilingual to better serve their patients. Previous years’ Spanish-only presentations at the iaedp™ Symposium have been popular, and the series continues in 2019. (A special note is that there will be a Spanish translator live during the Core Courses and Keynote sessions.)

9.    Experience the iaedp™ tradition with the ceremonial Presentation of the Colors, including the iaedp™ Chapter State Flags and International Flags, honoring the professionals who come together each year to advance learning in eating disorders.

10.     Relax in the desert climate of Palm Desert, California, which offers warm temperatures and an environment with a diversity of entertainment options.

Registration information, the 2019 program schedule and specific information about each presentation and all presenters at the 2019 iaedp™ Symposium can be found at

About the iaedp™ Foundation: Since 1985, the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals has provided education and training standards to an international and multidisciplinary group of various healthcare treatment providers and helping professions. is an iaedp™ business journal and online member resource to learn about noteworthy member achievements, continuing education webinars and U.S. and international chapter activity and events; for more information, visit MemberSHARE.
The iaedp™ Foundation’s Presidents Council, which provides organization support, includes: Center for Change; Center for Hope of the Sierras; Center For Discovery; Eating Recovery Center; Laureate Eating Disorders Program; McCallum Place Eating Disorder Centers; The Meadows Ranch; Rogers Behavioral Health; Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders; Selah House; Silver Hill Hospital; The Renfrew Center; Timberline Knolls; Turning Tides Eating Disorder Treatment Center; Veritas Collaborative; and Willow Place.                                                                        
The iaedp™ Foundation proudly announces the supporting sponsors for the 2019 iaedp™ Symposium:
Bronze Sponsors: Montecatini Eating Disorder Treatment Centers and Pine Grove Behavioral Health
More information about all aspects of iaedp and the 2019 Symposium can be found at

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