Cribs for Kids Partners with First Responders in National Public Safety Initiative Program

Pittsburgh, PA, August 27, 2018 — Cribs for Kids has proudly partnered with local, regional and national first responders in a National Public Safety Initiative. Cribs for Kids’ National Public Safety Initiative is a program seeking to educate first responders on infant safe sleep and empower them to then educate parents and caregivers in their communities.

The organization wishes to thank all first responders for their dedication to serving the public and the sacrifices they make while doing so.

Nationally, Cribs for Kids has successfully partnered with communities in Louisiana, Idaho, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas and Washington state. Locally, the organization has partnered with the Pittsburgh Police, Fire, EMS, Probation and Parole Officers, and with the city of Philadelphia who is now beginning safe-sleep training for all of their first responders.

“Our police, fire and EMS personnel are not only the first to respond to a call ‘baby not breathing,’ they are also our eyes and ears in the community who, upon identifying an unsafe sleeping environment, have been trained to educate the caregivers about infant safe sleep and provide our Cribette and educational materials to the family. We are fortunate to partner with these groups, and they are thankful to be a part of eliminating these tragic 911 calls,” said Judy Bannon, Executive Director and Founder of Cribs for Kids.

For more information about Cribs for Kids’ National Public Safety Program, visit:
About Cribs for Kids
Cribs for Kids is a national infant safe-sleep education program that helps to reduce the risk of injury and death of infants due to accidental suffocation, asphyxia, or undetermined causes in unsafe sleeping environments. Since 1998, Cribs for Kids has been making an impact on reducing the rate of infant sleep-related deaths by educating parents and caregivers on the importance of practicing safe sleep and providing portable cribs to families who otherwise cannot afford a safe place for their babies to sleep. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Cribs for Kids currently has more than 950+ partners throughout the United States implementing infant safe-sleep programs in their communities. Visit for more information.

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