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“God, You, & Déjà Vu”: an inspiring rediscovery of grace. “God, You, & Déjà Vu” is the creation of published author Cynthia M. Goodwin, a married grandmother and retired school principal and counselor who enjoys traveling.

Goodwin writes concerning the word déjà vu, “It is a French term meaning ‘déjà,’ ‘already’ + ‘vu,’ ‘seen’ or already seen. The dictionary indicates it is ‘the illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time.’ This is not to be confused with the overly utilized colloquial statements used today to explain the monotony of an event that occurs redundantly. Scientists, psychologists, counselors, and the like, have made numerous attempts to explain this phenomenon, though the tendency is to relate the extraordinary with the ordinary to make sense of it based upon empirical data. In the case of déjà vu, mankind will never be able to utilize statistical analysis because it defies this kind of scrutiny. God reveals certain things to us in His perfect timing, and this is oftentimes not our timing. God desires to bring us closer to His will for us, not by forcing us into choices, but by allowing free will and providing a second chance to do what is right in His eyes. This book was written as a direct result of God speaking to me in a dream regarding déjà vu and provides an in-depth discovery of déjà vu experiences as it relates to second chances God offers to us during the course of our lifetime.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Cynthia M. Goodwin’s new book is a fruitful philosophical trek through history down to the present day, highlighting the astonishing relevance of this peculiar phenomenon in the lives of those who experience it.

Goodwin delves into visions, scripture, dreams, as well as the core Christian principles of forgiveness, mercy, and grace, all of which help to explain the deeper meaning behind the sense of having already been there, done that.

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Consumers can purchase “God, You, & Déjà Vu” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “God, You, & Déjà Vu”, contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.

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