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Admoveo Solutions releases their Wi-Fi Clocks

“I do highly recommend Admoveo to people for the system.” ”

— Indian Mountain School – Lakeville, CT

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, March 8, 2019 / — When commercial clocks do not automatically adjust for daylight saving time it cost a school, hospital or business, money and productivity.

Admoveo Solutions released its complete line of WiFi clocks that automatically adjust for daylight savings time. They are available in analog and LED Digital. The analog can be either electric or battery power.

The battery version runs on double A batteries which last for five years. Therefore, you could locate the clock at the exact location where it would serve your organization best and not touch it for 5 years. The LED Digital clocks have the same maintenance free aspects as the analog WiFi clocks but require electricity.

The clocks will make the adjustment for the spring and fall time change and display accurate, reliable time all the time. On a daily basis these maintenance free clocks will receive a time update from a trusted NTP time source.

Accurate time display is critical for many organizations. In K-12 schools it is a keystone for well-run school. How can a teacher use her time wisely without accurate clocks? The absence of synchronized clocks results in classes starting late and ending a couple minutes early. It robs teacher of teaching time.
When you add a non-synchronized bell system the school day can be haphazardly constructed.

Hospitals timestamp the moment a patient enters the hospital. When procedures are performed and when drugs are administered. The documentation within a hospital is all time based and when individual clocks display different times problem can occur.

Manufacturing and warehousing need accurate, reliable, synchronized time to enhance productivity and overall moral. Break times and safety events must be coordinated. The relationship between management and employees can deteriorate when people leave or arrive based on clocks showing different times.

Admoveo Solutions WiFi clocks connect to your existing standard Wi-Fi network and are easy to set up, simple to install and are maintenance free.

Admoveo Solutions provides commercial clock and speaker systems. For more information please visit

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