We believe that all people should have a full life void of pain and restrictions. Our training helps you get there.


Elevation Fitness and Health comes to Flemington, New Jersey. Jeff Hazard began his passion for fitness at an early age. From the time he was a young athlete, he played tennis, baseball, and soccer, always loving the competition. During his junior year at Wilkes University, he started weight training at a gym owned by former Mr. New Jersey, Mike Duffy. Here is where the passion for training was born. After graduating college Jeff decided that he needed to try a more traditional career and set out in the Technology Sales field. Throughout this period he continued with his love of fitness with mountain biking, Tae Kwon Do, biathlons, and anything that was challenging. The satisfaction of “Hey I did that” kept the passion growing.

As time went by, the need for a change became more and more a reality…it was time to share that passion and knowledge with others.

First thing on the agenda was to become certified by the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine. Gaining the knowledge and certification to deliver high quality health and wellness programs was the goal. This knowledge base extends from the young athlete and to the aging adult trying to maintain independence. Jeff has created a full service comprehensive program.

The dream is now a reality as of September 14, 2018, and Jeff is proud to offer The Hazard Method of Speed Circuit Training in a very private one on one system. Circuit and dynamic resistance training achieve many goals, whether you are looking for conditioning, strength, endurance or just to get started on the road to fitness. The time between exercises in circuit training is short, to ensure that the intensity and your heart rate is maintained at maximum level to increase the effectiveness of your results.

Elevation Fitness is now accepting new customers by appointment only. Please reach out to us to schedule an evaluation and baseline workout.

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