Autism Speaks Los Angeles Chapter held the organizations signature L.A. Fashion Gala last Thursday evening within the confines of the glamorous Art Deco walls of Hollywoods Beverly Hills Hotel private Crystal Ballroom
Brighton, England (UK) Entertainments most charitably contributive CEOs, Executives, Artists, personalities and company representatives of 2018 streamed the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel on the evening of Thursday, October the 4th. West Hollywood Californias neighboring city of Beverly Hills came alive as the areas most generous elect stepped down for a promising exclusive fashion experience. With most Americans fruitfully enjoying the harvest seasons beginning as summer drawls to an end for the Western Hemisphere, non-profit organization, Autism Speaks closes this years summer with their annual Los Angeles Fashion Gala. Many of the Hollywood, Californian area citizens, philanthropists, and patricians came out to attend the event in support of Americas third most-common childhood developmental syndrome, Autism.
Autism Speaks is a non-profit advocacy organization operating in the United States. The companys centerpiece is the sponsoring of autism research, as well as outreach, and awareness between families, government agencies, and the public. This years charity event, titled Into The Blue, summoned guests to enjoy an exclusive evening; offering an exciting program and the inclusion of a full course dinner with interactive cocktail services.
Universal Music Executive and celebrity Creative Leland Yeshua DeWayne attended the event after recently returning home from personal business travels in Europe. Freelance, Hollywood Associated Press, photographers saw the executive previously in Westwood, California. They photographed him on September 22nd while leaving the premiere of the Warner Bros. Pictures and Universal Music Group releasing of the musical-comedy Smallfoot. The following day, public reports witness him arriving at a private northern Los Angeles County airport before departing for Milan, Italy. This past Thursday night, however, the Executive Creative and United Nations Ambassador was all smiles, as he loosely intermingled with some of his closest local friends, extended business associates, and favorite industry personalities at the organizations evening fashion gala.
The event honored CEO of Apploff Entertainment Jeff Apploff, for his generous [financial] support of the Autism Speaks mission, Autism Speaks PR Director Elizabeth Roland. Jeff is known for his work on shows like Beat Shazam, Don’t Forget the Lyrics, and others (Autism Speaks).
Detailed specifics concerning the private gala remain scarce. Penske Media Company subsidiary, Variety Magazine, exclusively covered and photographed the event. Members of their editorial staff were present on the evening of, and while they are releasing syndication commentary, the magazine company itself is yet to release any formal publications on the nights activities. The galas midnight performance sponsors were American entertainment industry leaders Universal NBC and Warner Music Entertainment. As the clock bared down on midnight, Foo Fighters legendary, Dave Grohl offered guests an unforgettable acoustic performance.
Representatives for *Variety magazine spoke with DeWayne at the event Thursday evening. 
[Leland] did say he was slightly tired, having flown home earlier that day from London City Royal Docks private airport into the Van Nuys private airport in northern Los Angeles County. 
The executive, who is recently featuring in the October print issue of WREN Uks global publication Renewable Energy World Magazine, made both a personal and a private contribution from his own charity organization, ReTreat Corp. [He] was seen at [the 2018 Milan Fashion Week] even partying with supermodel Bella Hadid. He is rumored to be working on a female oriented clothing line, […] WifeMaterial, […] member of the U.S. Faithful Black Men Association, the American Recording Academys MusiCares program, and an active supporter of the now worldwide #MeToo movement (Variety).
At the Autism Speaks LA Fashion Gala the executive creative, who is usually known for attending events such as the Recording Academys annual Grammy Special and the New York Metropolitan Museums annual Met Ball Fashion Gala in custom-tailored Brioni and Armani suits, sported, what was even for him, a very toned down high fashion look. Moreover, he has worn custom-event-themed blazers and jackets by designers such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Versace. This evening he wore an $835 (USD) early fall 2018, Michael Kors, camel beige suit with a 128$ designer matching, slim fit, midnight-plaid shirt. The executives support of the designer does not come as a surprise. Michael Kors recently received large amounts of publicity over the past weeks. The fashion designer is the recent purchaser of the Italian luxury-clothing house Versace according to public announcements made at the end of the Milan Fashion Week. Kors purchased the company from Giannis sister Donatella and daughter Allegra for an estimated 2.1 billion USD (Forbes).
The editorial in UNESCO/WREns Renewable Energy magazine mentioned Ambassador DeWayne for his recent contributions to the Clara Lionel Foundation during their organizations annual fashion gala, the Diamond Ball. Leland DeWayne attended the annual charity event, hosted by Barbadian Ambassador Robyn Rihanna Fenty, on September 13 during this seasons Winter/Spring 19 New York fashion week.
L. DeWaynes finance feature in the world governmental print magazine is the first formal publication regarding the quiet executives new non-profit organization ReTreat Corp. WREC/WREN representatives verify the young ambassadors non-profit organization, as recognized officially with UNICEF by UNESCO, was founded spring of 2017. World Renewable Energy (Congress) Network is a UK based non-profit ancillary of the United Nations (UN) special agency UNESCO. The agency acts as an intermediary and liaison of non-government and governmental organizations, belonging to all countries around the world, aiding in diversified global intelligence operations. WREN operates at peak effectiveness; with a Governing Council including an Executive Director who reports to the United Nations Deputy Director General. The organizations journal publication Renewable Energy world magazine has listings to over 52,000 government-subscribed offices around the world. 
In the United States the White House, U.S. Capitol, and The Pentagon receive the publication. The periodical is active at the office of the Canadian Prime Minister, Buckingham, Windsor, and Kensington palaces, as well as the UK Houses of Parliament. Established in 1992, during the second World Renewable Energy Congress, WREN operates as the official United Nations public interface. The organization presides under rule of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. 
The Vatican government offices, the altPalace and other world leadership offices also receive the UN magazine. In addition, it is available online for all readers and digital subscribers. 
The 3-page article appeared as a digital republishing by Renewable Energy syndication affiliate, the United States Pittsburg Post-Gazette. The Pittsburg PG is the largest newsprint paper servicing the Pittsburg Pennsylvania Metropolitan Area. The digital column mentioned the executive attending the Smallfoot premiere with hugs for kids of all ages, showing his continued love of the future development and betterment of children (Entertainment Weekly).
The publishing also covered the executives recent trip to Italy. He visited the cities of Milan, Venice, and Rome before traveling to the United Arab Emirate city of Dubai. Flight records indicate he then flew to Singapore October 1 and later checked out of the Sofitel Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia on October 3.  The interview covered his contributions to global childhood education and technological advancement.
[He] is also a stakeholder and partner in renewable energy technologist Elon Musks Tesla and SpaceX companies (Armani Japan). 
The article stated, while away from home his primary focus is geared towards some of his many ongoing world leadership projects such as Los Angeles Industry Ambassador for UNICEF, United Nations Young Leaders Consulate, ASCAP Ambassador to the United States Congress, as well as his engagements in a variety of projects abroad (Universal Music Publishing, PR). Universal/NBC News Washington D.C. affiliate Shomari Stone confirmed, [he] has been involved in many non-profit projects and works closely with a variety of government agencies in the United States and overseas promoting populous welfare through the creative arts.
Many other celebrities attended including female popstar P!nk. Onlookers witnessed Hollywood special events host and Dolce & Gabbana model Corinne Foxx taking selfies with fans. The event also included representatives from Netflix, Disney, ABC Television Group, 21 Century Fox Films, 21 Century Fox Television, Universal Pictures, and representatives for the Los Angeles Childrens Hospital.
When asked about his views on renewable energy, the executive stated, Renewable energy just makes sense. Whether it even effects the planet or not. A renewable anything makes more sense than a perishable or non-renewable something.
Leland Yeshua DeWayne is known notoriously among [the Los Angeles] community of industry suits and creatives locally [within] the city. As a prominent creative director who dabbles in almost every inch of the citys entertainment industries, he has worked closely on music concepts, as well as music in film, with artists at the top of Universals catalogue (UMPG).
Dave Grohl gave the audience a special feature performance with a duet cover of Adeles When We Were Young.The singer performed for the second time, live, with his daughter Violet whom also attended the event Thursday evening. Earlier this year, the Grohls performed the same song at a benefit for a California childrens hospital (ET Canada). John Apploff dedicated his award to his wife and his two sons, Jordan and Jesse.

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