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start a 529 plan for their children.


There are a number of financial steps people can make at the start of the year and National Debt Relief shares some of them. The article titled “6 Smart Financial Steps You Absolutely Need to Take This Year” released January 7, 2019, gives consumers some insights on specific money moves they can make to improve their finances for the year.

The article starts off by highlighting the fact that there are a number of smart financial moves consumers can make to help prepare them for the year. The objective is that these decisions will impact peoples finances for the whole year. This will help them reach their long term goals faster and strengthen their finances as well.

The article shares that one of the things consumers can do is to create a budget with a firm commitment to follow it. One reason for this is that people gain nothing if they do not follow their budget. In creating a budget, consumers need to be a specific plan to allocate their money even before they get paid. One idea is that consumers automatically have money withdrawn from their paychecks into their savings accounts.

The article explains as well that consumers need to put together an emergency fund to manage unforeseen incidents. These can be as simple as a car repair, medical emergency, or even losing a job. If consumers do not have any form of reserve funds, they would rely on their credit cards which can pile up new debts.

The article also shares that one of the financial steps people can take at the top of the year is to start a 529 plan for their children. This is a great way to give their family members and friends a chance to funnel in gifts into a college education. Having a 529 plan will help pay for the cost of attendance and prevent children from asking money for college.

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