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TORONTO, October 4, 2018 – Peptides fulfil numerous important tasks in nature. The investigation of such peptides in their natural environment is complex and requires specific techniques such as confocal microscopy. In order to study peptides with a confocal microscope, the peptide needs to be labeled with a fluorescent dye. A multitude of fluorescent dyes have been developed over the last decades, and are commercially available as starting materials for the synthesis of fluorescent peptides.

In a live webinar upcoming on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018, guest speakers from Bachem, experts on peptide chemistry, will provide an overview of known dye labels and highlight new developments in this field (e.g. dyes suitable for the study of complex processes, such as receptor-ligand interactions or the visualization of cellular structures). They will also illustrate how to compare the performance of individual dye labels and give an overview of the commercially available options.

During the presentation, viewers will learn how to design the right substrate for your scientific application and how to attach the correct dye to the peptide sequence. An overview of different synthetic methods as well as common pitfalls in the design of fluorogenic substrates will be included. For more routine analyses, different decision pathways for the choice of substrates and dye labels will be discussed and the speakers will also demonstrate the use of an innovative new dye selector, allowing suitable substrates for required spectroscopic properties to be found.

This webinar will benefit scientists and other professionals from biopharmaceutical companies, hospitals and academics working with fluorescently-labeled peptides.

For more information about this complimentary webinar: Fluorescently-Labeled Peptides – Choosing the Best Dye and Designing the Best Peptide.


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