San Francisco, CA January 10, 2019 – “Most of China’s companies have not experienced the economic cycle, they have not experienced a complete lack of capital, and the entire market is very cold. So entrepreneurs should regard these years as a very good opportunity in the entrepreneurial experience. We I hope that I can seize this opportunity in both investment and business, and work hard in a relatively quiet period to make it a very crucial moment in history,” said Yao Jinbo, CEO of 58 Group. Indeed, China's venture capital market is currently in a critical development period, and the maturity of the venture capital market in developed countries is even more predictive of the prospects for venture capital development in China.

On October 16, 2018, Green Investment Group officially passed the Basrich audit, and officially launched the “Bio Energy” section of the VC Union venture capital platform. Green Investment Group, translated as “Green Investment Group”. The company's full name is Green Investment Climate International Limited, Inc., located at Atria One Level 7 144 in Morrison Street, London, England. The company's goal is to invest in green infrastructure projects. GIG is a major investment in green infrastructure and projects are delivered to experts in portfolio assets and related service management. Originally launched by the UK government in 2012, the company's business was the first of its kind in the world. The organization was acquired by the diversified financial group Macquarie Group Ltd. in 2017 and became one of the largest professional green infrastructure investment teams in Europe, now operating under the name of a green investment group. It consists of a public limited company owned by the Macquarie Group. Technologies such as offshore wind power, onshore wind power, solar power, hydropower, connectors, waste and biomass have been established. Provide a full range of financial services and products, including development funds, financial settlement and construction phase benefits, including debt and asset financing.

GIG has a market-leading track record of over £15 billion in green infrastructure investments. Invested in 60% of offshore wind energy in the UK and more than 30 waste and biological projects, funding more than 1.8 GW of solar projects. More than 2 million smart meters were installed to advise on the development of the 850MW tide project.

The financing project is StorEn Technology, which is “progressive vanadium flow battery storage”. The project creation company is ONO 3D, Inc. StorEn Technology has developed a progressive vanadium flow battery. In the Clean Energy Business Incubator Project (CEBIP) at Stony Brook University in New York, we are taking advantage of the vanadium flow battery to revolutionize the world of residential and industrial energy suppliers. StorEn Technology has created efficient, powerful and cost-effective products that have produced four international PCT patent applications and four trademarks to date.

Under the advantage of StorEn Technology, we can infer that in the near future, this project will receive strong government support and good market feedback, and achieve its “transition to renewable energy generation and energy efficiency.” Moreover, this project is also in line with the requirements of the “Bio-Energy” fund sector, so Basrich management decided to launch the “StorEn Technology” project to the “Bio-Energy” fund section of the VC Union back office. On the day when the “Bio-Energy” sector was launched, the number of projects that could be invested was quickly robbed by investors. It can be seen that the fund section of VC Union's venture capital platform covers top outstanding projects, and has won the praise of the majority of investors. Therefore, by joining VC Union, the platform will provide you with your favorite investment projects, and you will also have the opportunity to obtain considerable investment income.


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