Valley Cottage, NY — 01/19/2019 — Gene synthesis is one of the powerful and flexible molecule engineering tool in synthetic biology for chemical DNA synthesis. From the first artificial gene synthesis in 1970 by Gobind Khorana's group, there occurs subsequent improvements in DNA synthesis, sequencing, amplification and automation. Various regional as well as global market players are present for providing the commercial gene synthesis services. Gene synthesis technology has revolutionized the biology research these days. These synthetic genes are used by researchers for various life science research domains such as cancer biology, neuroscience, virology, antibody engineering, biochemistry, genetics and others. The gene synthesis market has seen a robust growth in the industrial end user segment these days for commercial applications. Continuous research is going on for novel gene synthesis assisting the production of sustainable biofuels and the enzymes for therapeutics. Gene synthesis has also been considered more economical than the classical cloning and mutagenesis procedures.

The achievements by the life science researchers and scientists in the recent years have expanded the understanding of biological systems at the molecular level which generated more opportunities and growths in life science research and applications. Thus, there is a continuous growth opportunities for manufacturing companies for focusing towards this end user segment which can be used to create well-designed products and services. Advancements in the technology such as microchip based gene synthesis would also going to be helpful in the market growth and significantly increasing the throughput.

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Gene Synthesis Market: Drivers & Restraints

Research & developments associated with the gene synthesis as well as continuous improvement in the technological processes such as protein purification and molecular separation technology helps in driving the market by developing fast, reliable and cost effective solutions. Cuts in the federal fundings for various academic research projects, intensifying competition leading to price reduction, technical limitations in the production process etc. limits the market growth for gene synthesis services.

Gene Synthesis Market: Segmentation

Segmentation by Product Type:

Custom Gene Synthesis
Gene Library Synthesis

Segmentation by Application:

Research and Development

Segmentation by End User

Biopharmaceutical Companies
Academic and Research Institutes
Contract Research Organizations

Gene Synthesis Market: Overview

Companies involved in the Gene Synthesis services market strategize to strengthening their sales force and expanding their production facilities in different geographies such as IDT recently completed a multi-year expansion of its production facility in Leuven by the vision of expanding their customer base in Europe and MEA. Furthermore, the market has number of established global players which possess a high entry barrier for the new players as more than 60% of the gene synthesis market is driven by top 5 players across the globe. Geographical expansion and expansion of manufacturing capacities are another key opportunity which would be helping companies in brand improvement and market penetration. With a great competition in the synthetic biology market and the presence of various regional players, companies are focused on their services improvisations by delivering fast and cost effective oligonucleotide with high purity.

Gene Synthesis Market: Region-wise Outlook

Geographically, North America is the leading market for gene synthesis services owing to the high demand by academic institutes as well as biopharmaceutical companies. The presence of large number of players in the market with their strong distribution channel also supports the market growth in the region. This is followed by the Western Europe market supported by the increasing R&D expenditure by pharmaceutical and biotech companies for up gradation of technology and production output. Asia Pacific market represents the highest growth rate over the globe with China leading the market. The growth is due to the increasing investment by government as well as private organizations to support the growth of synthetic biology and its applications. Latin America followed by MEA represents the lowest market share in the Gene synthesis market owing to limited resources available in the region as well as low consumption trends.

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Gene Synthesis Market Treatment Market: Key Players

Some of the players in the Gene Synthesis market includes Genewiz, OriGene Technologies, Inc., ATDBio Ltd., Bioneer Corporation, Eurofins Scientific, Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc., Atum, Eurogentec, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., GenScript Biotech Corporation and others.

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