Austin-San Marcos, TX September 18, 2018 – If you’re in Austin, Texas you’ve probably heard of Gong Cha’s USA Franchise latest grand opening in Austin, Texas! On September 1st and 2nd, Gong Cha and fans of Bubble Tea and the best Bubble Tea franchise celebrated Gong Cha’s 2nd grand opening in Austin, Texas. It was a grand event as Gong Cha grand openings usually are and people were more than happy to be there to show their support and love for Gong Cha Bubble Tea beverages.

The streets flooded with people enjoying their Gong Cha Bubble Tea beverages. Kids were happy to have the weekend off school and enjoyed their tasty Bubble Tea drinks from the best Bubble Tea shop, which is now in their vicinity. Many people are simply over the moon about Gong Cha’s 2nd location in Austin, Texas!

Best of all, Gong Cha USA Franchise, 2nd grand opening in Austin, Texas came through with a great promo, which was as follows:

When you buy any two of the following Gong Cha beverages you receive a super cute Gong Cha, Milk Foam Pen for FREE!

● Milk Foam Ginger Tea
● Strawberry Milk Foam Tea
● Milk Foam Black Coffee
● Oreo Panda Milk Foam Tea

Needless to say, many of the kids who attended this grand opening were walking out of the shop with their new, super cool Gong Cha Milk Foam Pens, which is the coolest pen to have when you return back to school.

As always, Gong Cha USA Franchise went all out for their 2nd grand opening in Austin, Texas, which was utterly successful. If you live close by or you happen to be visiting the area – make sure you visit Gong Cha’s latest location in Texas:

13201 Ranch Road 620 N #206 (Anna Plaza)
Austin, Texas 78717

About Gong Cha
Gong Cha was initially founded in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Gong Cha means “Tribute tea for the emperor.” Gong Cha is a successful Bubble Tea Franchise. Gong Cha has tea shops locations all around the world and many locations in the USA, which include New York, New Jersey, Texas and Massachusetts.

Gong Cha believes and takes pride in serving quality Bubble Tea. Their teas are blended with an array of fruits, toppings and some very creative and delicious mixes.

They take pride in offering their customers freshly brewed teas and toppings at all times. Teas and Tapioca Pearls are refreshed every four hours to ensure that all customers have a fresh Bubble Tea beverage.

To learn more about Gong Cha's Grand Opening in Austin,Texas – please contact:

Office: 626-203-5741
inquiries ( @ ) gongchausa dot com


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