Global Organization of Health Education will receive $2,000 scholarship for funding the school activities and development of educational programs in Neurosciences

Press Release updated: Jun 21, 2019 12:02 EDT

HUNT VALLEY, Md., June 21, 2019 ( – The Institute of Health Sciences has announced a scholarship of $2000 to the Global Organization of Health Education. The goal of the scholarship is to improve educational opportunities in the field of Neurosciences in developing nations.

The scholarship was announced by Richard L. Trader MMsc PA-C FCCM Director of The Institute of Health Sciences. It has been named after Ms. Kellee Trice, BS REEG.T, Program Director of Neurodiagnostics, for her support and education of students at the Institute of Health Sciences.

Global Organization of Health Education will meet the objectives of the scholarship in two ways. The scholarship will be used to support the education of a student enrolled in the Neuroscience Training Program at the Global Organization of Health Education. In addition, the funds from the scholarship will also go towards the development of self-sustained programs in the field of Neurosciences. This will help in providing a better quality of education to the future students enrolling in the Neurosciences program at the Global Organization of Health Education.

The Institute of Health Sciences views the scholarship as an investment into creating a better future. With funding available to create educational programs in Neurosciences, Global Organization of Health Education will be able to develop professionals who can find answers to the biggest Neuroscience problems that face us today. The scholarship will attract students from all walks of life to these newly inducted programs. The funding makes it easier for students to take up a new field.

The Institute of Health Sciences is proud to be associated with the Global Organization of Health Education to help the field of Neuroscience evolve. This grant will offer the students the opportunities to enter the field and come out as outstanding professionals who will spread more awareness about Neurosciences in a developing nation like Ethiopia.

For more information on the funding or to inquire about the school, visit website

About the Institute of Health Sciences: Situated in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Institute of Health Sciences provides hybrid long-distance accredited programs to students across the USA and Canada. It upholds high standards of Neuroscience education through highly qualified faculty, well-designed curriculum, and extensive training programs.

About Global Organization of Health Education: The organization is committed to taking healthcare education to all corners of the world. Their volunteers travel to create awareness about the significance of health education. They are creating capabilities within developing countries to have a sustainable impact. They are based out of Colorado, USA.


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