August 24, 2018 – The makeup industry is unique and requires the most creatively driven people. Specializing in beauty and makeup and turning it into a career will require some guidance along the way. When considering a career in microblading in Dubai and becoming a working professional, there are plenty of courses to qualify in.

Becoming a beautician can be done from the comfort of the home. This is a primary reason people qualify in beauty therapy, because it is something that will bring the clients to the doorstep. Many new beauty therapist may have concerns about the course being challenging and if they will be able to meet the required standard. It is good to remember that Browz Training offers only the most qualified instructors and team of expert trainers. The Institute will not only train people to qualify as microblading specialists but will teach them the skills to go on and make a career out of it.

Some people worry about the cost of beauty courses. They assume it is expensive. This is not always the case. While certain courses may be costlier than others, think of it as an investment. It will be a skill of a lifetime that gives people an opportunity to showcase the love, passion and enthusiasm they have for the beauty industry.

The Head of Browz Training notes, “When embarking on a new career you may have a lot to consider and choosing a beauty school is one of them. You need the school to be highly established, specialized and with an impeccable training record. You will find all this and more at our training institute”.

A good microblading course in Dubai will include pre-course work manual which covers all areas and subjects in order to get a head start on the real course. Some of the subjects incorporated into microblading are Anatomy, Skin, Bones, Physiology, Colour Theory, Brow Design and Face Shape. Practicing on live models will be encouraged at the institute. Trainees can request for a bespoke tailor made course if they prefer it to be a one on one training. They will have to achieve a certain standard to not only qualify but to develop and grow as Microblading Artists.

The Head of Browz Training further notes, “You will need nurturing and support at the beginning of this new career adventure, and highly specialized instructors at our training institute will give it to you. A new career is much like getting onto a roller-coaster, you have to enjoy the highs and lows of the ride”.

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