The Higher Ed Web Plan from KDG’s web team helps colleges with ADA, SEO, and usability.

Allentown, PA, August 30, 2018 — A new service from KDG is helping colleges and universities drive more traffic to their websites. The higher ed web plan from KDG gives schools an immediate analysis into ways their websites can improve accessibility, usability, and engagement through detailed reports, step-by-step implementation guides, and real user testing.

“These insights are gathered from our company’s 17 years in the higher ed industry,” says Matt Harwick, lead UI/UX designer at KDG. “This report is unique to your school and customized to meet your needs.”

The report will also contain engagement scoring, SEO updates, and content suggestions.

This report is especially targeted toward organizations affected by ADA Section 508 compliance and its demands. Some higher educational institutions and government bodies are being fined and even sued for not updating their websites to meet the latest accessibility standards.

“This report will tell organizations what they can do to ensure all users, regardless of physical ability, can easily access their site and its information,” continues Harwick.

To learn more about the Higher Ed Web Plan available from KDG, contact the company’s team of higher ed web development experts by visiting

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