ALKA-WHITE®, launching today, is a revolutionary oral cleanse that will change the way your mouth feels in just five days. This holistic solution not only balances your oral pH, but also positively impacts all areas of your oral health by giving you better breath, healthier gums and a more confident smile.

Founded by Dr. Lewis Gross, ALKA-WHITE® was created with the understanding that we all have occasions where our food and drink choices, and even medications, can create an acidic environment in our mouths. Crafted with the highest quality natural & vegan ingredients, ALKA-WHITE® is not only effective, but also completely safe for use well beyond the five day cleanse!

Active ingredients include:
·     Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)- Anti-acid, whitener and tooth cleanser
·     Sodium Carbonate- Anti-cavity
·     Magnesium Carbonate- Magnesium that aids the prevention of cavities and sensitivity due to erosion
·     Potassium Carbonate- Improves overall tooth minerals
·     Xylitol- May reduce the risk of cavities
·     Peppermint Oil- Freshens breath
·     Coconut Oil- May reduce the risk of plaque and tartar buildup
·     Tea Tree Oil- Contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties

The specific ingredients in the Alkaline Oral Cleanse™ elevate your oral health in just five days by strengthening tooth enamel, freshening breath, reducing tooth sensitivity and increasing salivary pH to promote a healthy, alkaline oral environment.

ALKA-WHITE® could not be easier to use and seamlessly fits into your daily regimen. All you need to do is dissolve one tablet into a 2oz glass of warm water, swish 1oz around in your mouth for about thirty seconds and brush with the remainder to achieve a sustained alkalined mouth. Lightweight, easy to use and incredibly simple – just five days is all it takes for a new, naturally healthy and alkaline mouth!

About the founders:
Dr. Lewis Gross has served lower Manhattan as both a holistic dental practitioner and family oriented, community steward since 1979. The diversity of his NYC patients, his experiences with family and friends, and a deep expertise in general and specialty dental care all inspired him and proved the necessity for a new solution in oral care. An Assistant Professor of Oral Pathology at his alma mater, Columbia University, he also provided counsel to the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office. Dr. Gross further spends much of his time speaking and writing about The Alkaline Oral Cleanse™ and its positive impact on systemic health.

Arden Gardell is an avid adventurer and constant innovator. Arden brings a distinct ability to bridge industry specific concepts, creating unexpected and inspiring solutions. Arden achieved dual majors in Psychology & Biology at Roger Williams University. His diverse work experience includes hospitality management, regional politics, and operations management for a national online retailer. Working with ALKA-WHITE™ since its inception, Arden manages every component of the business including research, marketing, sales, and team building.

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