HR2 Research/Analytics, Bellevue’s award-winning, local primary research firm, is pleased to announce its recognition as a current 4.7 star rating as one of the best employers by the leading job site,

Bellevue, WA, October 01, 2018 — HR2 Research/Analytics Recognized as a 4.7 Star Rated Employer by

HR2 Research/Analytics, Bellevue’s award-winning, local primary research firm, is pleased to announce its recognition as a current 4.7 star rating as one of the best employers by the leading job site, This is based on 600 current, former, and potential new employees. This is unlike employee sites based on a limited few number of disgruntled employees that are not authenticated. Even more of a concern is that the bogus data is used as a direct, high-pressure selling method to companies, with a promise to change employee ratings for a large annual fee of nearly $15,000. Since 1972, HR2 has provided jobs to hundreds of local residents of the Eastside in roles ranging from data collection, administration, data analytics, and operations management. These jobs support the thousands of projects the company has been involved with in the local, national, and international economies and have contributed to the well-being of the homes and organizations of the Pacific Northwest.

Employees of the company are thoroughly recognized for their contributions to the success of the company, as well as gaining invaluable learning opportunities in data science, economic and policy development, market research, product launches, and office management. Few employers can offer as many opportunities, whether an incoming employee is a new college graduate, or joining the company with a vast resume on hand. The experiences are impressive and surpass what many employees endeavor at the largest of corporations.

HR2 is the current product researcher for many of the nation’s finest companies such as Costco, Lake Union SeaRay, and Pepsi. Their Senior Research Director worked closely with Costco’s founders to choose site locations for over 600 warehouses locations, the R & D to develop the Kirkland Signature brand, and launched popular products that customers enjoy every day, from fruit smoothies to packaged snacks and new health foods. HR2 continues to work with Costco in 2018 and is proud of the projects that have played a behind-the-scenes role in the success of Costco.

Employees of HR2 have opportunities to work with great brands like Costco, and even develop first-name relationships with Costco’s Vice Presidents and Directors. In addition to these great companies, HR2 employees meet mayors and local policy directors, district Superintendents, and CEOs and executives for countless local and national companies. They work on exciting projects for local Northwest malls, help managers develop strategies for the Ports in San Francisco and the Port of Everett, contribute to funding research for the light rails and mass transit authorities of the Puget Sound, investigate new legislation in water rights and tax laws, and analyze the economic impacts of transportation initiatives such as the Alaska Way Viaduct.

As an HR2 employee, you may sit in the office of a director for a major bank, or have lunch with the leading publisher of a popular newspaper, build a friendship with the director of the park’s department, or help a marketing director strategize their next move. The opportunities go on and on, and the experiences are once of a lifetime. Few companies can offer such an experience to its employees, and much of this can be attributed to the ingenuity and community spirit of the company’s leadership and owners.

Our employees are proud of the contributions of HR2 to the United States economy, and we are excited to be involved in the ingenuity that each project offers to developing new policies and strategies. If you have a background in the statistical sciences and research analysis, or would like to learn about an entry-level role in data collection for college students, please mail a resume to our headquarters:

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