Ashlie Meredith (MouseBelt) and Jason French (HYCON)

HYCON Signed MoU with Blockchain and ICO Accelerator MouseBelt

SEOUL, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, August 24, 2018 / — HYCON (CEO Taewon Kim) announced on August 24 that it has signed an MoU with full-service blockchain and ICO accelerator MouseBelt to grow Hycon’s userbase in the open source developer community.

Through the MOU, HYCON and MouseBelt will cooperate on business development in the blockchain domain. MouseBelt will support HYCON through its connections with several blockchain student organizations at the top 35+ schools in the U.S. and provide help with taking HYCON Hacks international as well as promoting blockchain education in Seoul and abroad.

MouseBelt is a joint venture between hedge fund NueValue Capital and development shop No Rest Labs, founded in 2018 and will be investing 2.5 million in blockchain projects this year. The company believes that the best way to facilitate innovation in the blockchain ecosystem is by providing resources to the people who need it most: start-ups, developers, and students. To that end, it has launched a large suite of open source tools for developers including block explorer, KYC and SDK and supports students by providing project grants and sponsorships to campus blockchain organizations at 12 of the top schools in the U.S.

MouseBelt’s University Program Director Ashlie Meredith, a former professor, describes MouseBelt’s university initiative as a “perfect marriage between my interest in blockchain and passion for helping students,” and added, “A partnership with Hycon will allow MouseBelt to offer more opportunities to our students and connect them to an international community. We are excited to bring HYCON Hacks stateside and finding ways to incorporate our open source tools into the competition.”

Jason French, Vice President of HYCON said, “Incubating and growing interest in blockchain amongst the developer community, along with building bridges between East and West, are very important to us here at Hycon. Collaborating with MouseBelt will create a win-win situation that will help us accomplish these goals and bolster our upcoming hackathon, Hycon Hacks Seoul ( which will be held on September 14th and 15th.”

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