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Managua, Nicaragua – As climate change creates widespread concern around the globe, environmental issues are the center of conversations around the world. In the community of Managua, Nicaragua, this conversation stems around access to clean water.

Many communities in Nicaragua and around the world are struggling with access to clean water. Without education on how to build wells and access to filters, communities do not see a clear means of sustainable access. At the same time, local companies and government are pressed to combine industrial needs with philanthropic and environmentally conscious approaches.

Through HydroLogica, Managua has found an environmentally conscious solution. The company aims to help communities gain access to clean water. They focus on providing rural Nicaraguan communities with high quality well water services that are reliable. Their mission statement is centered on satisfying the need for safe access, responsibility, and environmental consciousness.

HydroLogica aims to prioritize the sustainability of groundwater resources. The company builds projects and programs that are self-supporting and are able to operate without external support. This approach eliminates the need to depend on external entities. Projects in rural communities are more sustainable and able to last without the risk of external stakeholders backing out.

One of the standout factors of HydroLogica is their emphasis on team training. They believe that environmentally conscious companies and non-profits have to prioritize training in order to teach sustainable behaviors to various populations. In order to address the global water crisis, their team is educated on how to attack community access issues.

This company aims to not only bring clean water to rural communities, but also teach locals how to maintain water access. HydroLogica staff train others to drill water wells and install pumps. They believe that without knowledge on how to maintain a water crisis, the problem will never be solved.

Managua is a community that benefits greatly from having companies like HydroLogica. With close to a million people in Nicaragua facing water insecurity, it is essential for communities to be educated and supported in handling the water crisis.

Many Nicaraguans are reported to walk hours each day to secure clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. HydroLogica brings tools for clean access to these communities. At the same time, HydroLogica operates with a sustainable business model to help make these educational and enriching opportunities possible.

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