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    PARLIN, NJ, January 19, 2019 — The International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) has made significant changes to it's Certified Franchise Consultant Training Program for 2019. These changes will enhance the comprehensive franchise consulting training the IFPG offers. “We are excited about these new changes and for another successful year with IFPG” said Founder Don Daszkowski.

IFPG Certified Franchise Consultants act as intermediaries between their clients (potential franchisees) and the franchise. Just as a real estate agent, the Franchise Consultant's job is to determine what the clients' needs are and direct them to opportunities that best match their interests. Just as their are multiple homes on the market to choose from, there are hundreds of franchise opportunities. The Franchise Consultant's most important job is to help their client decide which business is best for them by consulting and identifying the pros and cons of the various options available to them.

How Do IFPG Franchise Consultants Earn Money?
The IFPG Franchise Consultant Training Program will give you all of the tools, support and training necessary to be highly successful in our field. There are three primary ways to earn as a Franchise Consultant: earn commissions selling franchises, earn commissions helping small businesses become a franchise and earn referral fees from various IFPG Vendors.

The IFPG has a family of established, experienced and highly professional members in the franchise industry ready to provide the tools, support and training necessary to be highly successful in our field. In the 4-6 week program IFPG offers, trainees will receive education and advice from multiple experts in the industry. After the initial CFC training, trainees can immediately take advantage of IFPG's 90 days or mentoring and 150+ hours of continuing education. Trainees continue to learn more about the business, best practices and receive tips and tricks about what the most successful consultants do.

Are you ready to start a lucrative career as a Franchise Consultant? Learn more about our Certified Franchise Consultant Training program at https://www.ifpg.org/franchise-consultant-training or call 888-977-4374 ext 105.

The International Franchise Professionals Group (also known as IFPG) is a membership based organization that has over 800 members. Our members consist of Franchisors, Franchise Brokers, Lenders, and other Franchise Professionals that help potential candidates in the process of buying a franchise. Hundreds of nationally recognized franchise companies have chosen the IFPG and its members to represent their brand; hundreds of experienced franchise consultants and brokers have chosen the IFPG to power their business. All of these individuals understand the value of being associated with IFPG. The IFPG is a strictly membership based organization that does not participate in any referral fees from our franchisor members or our brokers, thereby allowing all of our members to work freely together. Our long-term success is predicated on retaining our members and providing all the tools needed to help you sell more franchises, and close more deals.

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