Information Transport Solutions, Inc. implemented a fiber optic wide area network (WAN) for the Montgomery Public School System completing the project during the first part of July. This implementation extends to also benefit the community by offering competitive options for fiber services.

“ITS worked with our partners to deliver services on time and meeting all expectations of the customer,” said Quincy Minor, ITS COO and President. This network delivers 1Gbps, 5Gbps, and 10Gpbs to locations for the school system with over 50 plus miles of fiber optic cable. The school system’s fiber WAN network design offers diverse routes and ensures worst case scenario connectivity via a ring design.

This network is managed by ITS’ premiere network operations centers (NOC), located in Wetumpka and Montgomery. The NOCs proactively monitor the network reducing downtime and ensuring the reliability of the system. Montgomery Public Schools can call or email the NOC at any time with issues and concerns. Further, ITS provides the school system with a live portal to receive real time statistics and key performance indicators.

In many cases, this fiber network introduced new fiber routes into the city of Montgomery, benefitting the community as a whole. Many businesses and public sector entities in Montgomery now have the option for fiber services from their current fiber service provider.

The new network provided to the school system overbuilds other existing fiber carriers introducing competition benefitting the customers through lower prices and better services. ITS CEO, Steve Meany, said, “In many cases, businesses in Montgomery now have access to higher internet and WAN bandwidth throughput at affordable prices.”

About Information Transport Solutions, Inc.

Information Transport Solutions, Inc. (ITS) is an employee owned full-service provider of technology solutions integrating voice, video, and data to make organizations more profitable and productive. ITS helps our customers build the right infrastructure and implement technologies to build safe environments and enhance efficiencies. Information Transport Solutions, Inc. was listed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for four consecutive years. To learn more about ITS, visit

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