Mr. Liang Jun, CEO of New Vision Technology, expressed that “Although the Smart Terminal Awards has been presented to many Chinese companies, it still means a lot to us. Why do we want to make such a smart product for online home education scenarios? Because we intend to be a big screen-based smart home Internet interface, and a major platform for users to obtain multiple online Internet services in home scenarios.”

It is introduced that as the leader of integrated solutions for smart home Internet interface based on big screen, New Vision Technology is capable of integrating open ecosystems for big screen-oriented home scenarios. This includes an Android-based open ecosystem comprising platform + hardware + software + content + applications; an open ecosystem based on users and business operation; an open ecosystem based on home smart terminals. By virtue of home Internet of Things, New Vision Technology will expand the applications of smart big screens from video-watching-only scenario to cover all family life scenarios. It enables displays everywhere in a family and provide innovative products and services for different home scenarios and family members.

IDG this time granted Household Multi-scenario AI Smart Terminal Innovation Award to New Vision Technology for its Tutoring All-In-One. This cross-border innovative smart product features isometric symmetry of four sides on the front screen, and the decorative design free of any logo and push button, concentrating users' attention all on the screen. Its sides are designed with minimalist lines, fully combining aesthetics with human engineering. The 6000-series aviation aluminum alloy used on its back presents a very high-tech look, ensuring the back strength while keeping the whole device within a reasonable weight.

This product can provide students with online learning scenario modes, by which students are able to preview lessons before class, learn lessons in an online classroom, review lessons after class, finish after-class assignments, and watch masters' video courses. It also provides parents with child safety lock, remote control, timed control and other functions to better supervise their children. In addition, Tutoring All-In-One is perfectly compatible with touchpad, keyboard, mouse, and other Bluetooth peripherals, as well as far-field voice control and other human-machine interaction modes. It can also effectively protect users' vision.

Mr. Liang believed that “China boasts of a huge education market, in which online education has represented the general trend. But the present home online education still serves children on mobile devices. Tutoring All-In-One is a screen contributed to the education field by us. We will diligently build the educational screen and help extending school education to home-based education, changing people's fate from their home.”

It is reported that, besides the online education market, New Vision Technology will also persist in innovating products and service experience in Internet audio and video sector, including laser TV, Internet TV of next-generation display technique, software operating system, and online services. New Vision Technology was founded by Mr. Liang in 2018. Last August, the company announced that it would be headquartered in Chongqing City, with a registered capital of RMB 80 million and a subsequent total investment estimated at RMB 600 million. It has also carried out in-depth cooperation with Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing in big screen-based smart display terminals, smart big screens, and smart household devices.

SOURCE New Vision Technology

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