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Ladies just drop whatever you are doing because there is life-changing news awaiting your attention. JanBask Training has planned to launch a scholarship contest for all the women across the world on 26th August 2018, when we all celebrate the Women's Equality Day. The company wants to extend a hand of support to all the amazing ladies out there who are looking forward to turning around their lives and career. The scholarship contest has got offers for the top ten participants that would be selected after a careful scrutiny.

In order to give back something to the society and in the spirit of being a good Samaritan JanBask Training is offering its amazing training courses for free via this contest to a select number of students. Today we see that women are creating their own niche. This year the company wants to pay its tribute to the suffragists who persisted and fought and won their right to vote back in the year 1920. To show its respects, the company wants to help the selected number of women students to learn and grow in their careers.

This scholarship contest is for you if you are a student who needs some financial relief. The company understands that paying expensive tuition fees can be very difficult for some students. This is the reason why JanBask Training is happy to announce the scholarship program for the year 2018. In this program, the company will be selecting top ten winners from the contest and these winners would be awarded full scholarship on some of the most trending courses or some good amount of rebate on its course fee.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? All that the interested students have got to do is to register themselves for the contest. In the contest, the students have to answer a few general questions. Once you have submitted your answers our panel of experts would sit and evaluate all the answers submitted by everyone. A list of the top 10 students whose answers had impressed our panelists the most would then be released. As soon as the results are announced, you can claim your prizes right away. For the complete details of the contest please visit our website at –

The company is serious about promoting gender equality. The World Bank Report suggests that even today in the year 2018 too many women are being left behind in terms of higher education or even basic education in many countries because funding is targeted to men’s education only. “The company strongly believes that it is time when women should be given an opportunity to finish all levels of education with the aptitudes to viably contend in the labor market; take in the socio-emotional and fundamental abilities important to explore and adjust to an evolving world; make informed decisions about their own particular lives; and add to their communities, culture and the world,” said Mr Tarun Arora the Vice President of the Company

Let us go through the highlights of all the training sessions that are provided by JanBask Training-

  • Live sessions empowered with next-gen technology,
  • The collaborative learning environment,
  • A plethora of learning resources,
  • Practical training combined with real-life case studies,
  • End-to-end training in all the principles of the courses,
  • Comprehensive training that imparts theoretical and practical knowledge,
  • Special training sessions for certification exams and job interviews,
  • Regular assignments to hone your skills,
  • You can control the speed of the sessions,
  • World-class experts as your mentors,
  • You can ask questions during and after the session too,

The company understands all the struggles that a modern day woman face and this why all that you need is a pair of good headphones and an amazing internet connection to avail of any of the courses listed on the company's website. The class schedules are flexible, you can take sessions while caressing your baby or knitting a sweater for your husband or during a coffee break at your office.

For more details about the company and its courses please follow the given link-

About JanBask Training

JanBask Training is an online platform that has become a pioneer in online training all over the world. The company offers the best training programs in many trending courses. The course curriculum, sessions, reading material etc everything is very carefully designed to carve out the best professionals out of all its students. They offer multiple ranges of software and IT training courses such as QA Training, Salesforce Training, BA Analyst Training etc.

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