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Pam Baker of Journeous
Journeous helps those launching careers connect the dots and find out for themselves what really matters most – for them.

By Zoey Thompson

Burlingame, CA – Many of us have A job. How many of us have OUR job? Journeous is on a mission to close that gap: to look beyond the obvious choices to discover options that allow each of us to link our values, interests and skills to the work we do and where we do it. 

Today’s career launchers expect more from the work they do: 9/10 employees say they’d trade 23% of their lifetime earnings to find a more meaningful job. But ‘meaning’ is entirely personal – so a personalized approach to career exploration is key. Journeous Curiosity Labs are live ‘discover your own adventure’ events where career launchers get hands-on experience, explore options and find a wealth of possible ways to link what makes them tick to jobs and careers – including ones they might not be aware of.   

It’s clear that Journeous’ time has come. Gallup polls demonstrate that for more than a decade the state of employee ‘engagement’– how involved, enthusiastic, and committed employees are in their work, is a sad state of affairs with only 1/3 of Americans ‘engaged’ at work

The costs are manifesting in a myriad of ways. The impact of productivity losses alone from the nearly 20% of employees who are disengaged is estimated to cost US employers more than $450B annually. That’s just the beginning of an array of costs – financial, physical and emotional – associated with working in jobs that don’t fit. 

While a stable career path used to be an acceptable trade-off for a less than thrilling job, 88% of Generation Z cited being happy as the biggest measure of success. Figuring out what will fit is made tougher since it’s estimated that more than half of the jobs available in 2030 don’t yet exist. Starting out with a solid foundation of knowing what today’s career launchers will require tomorrow enables them to adapt to the shifting job market around them. That’s where Journeous comes in.

Journeous’ mission is to create a world in which each of us know ourselves well enough to create career paths that fit.  Pam Baker, the founder of Journeous, knows from experience that it’s one of the key pieces of information schools don’t test for when you graduate. Over the course of two decades in healthcare she saw in herself, and in many of those around her who were new to the work world, the challenge to find roles that clicked. “I eventually realized that my career had been a series of steps that largely followed the advice of the people around me who I figured knew more than I did about what would fit. And when it didn’t, I just moved onto the next thing.” 

She considers herself lucky to have had access to career coaching as she moved up the ranks at work, but with a solid track record already established, felt limited in being able to pursue options outside her industry and having to start back at square one. As she watched the recent grads around her similarly struggling to find their fit, the idea behind Journeous emerged: why shouldn’t those same personalized insights that are more often reserved for people when they hit mid-career be available far sooner? What could creating this foundation at the start of a career mean for creating meaning and fulfillment? What could it mean for the workplace, for our communities, for our society as a whole? 

Journeous is the combination of two words that are foundational to its approach: journey and curious. The name reflects a belief that career paths are very much a journey and creating those that fit is about staying curious along the way. 

In addition to Curiosity Labs, Journeous provides facilitated live and virtual workshops, college class curriculum and virtual one-on-one coaching. A “career prototyping” framework allows career launchers to map out the steps for their journey so they can make job their job. “Our coaches and facilitators all share the same vision,” she says. “We believe it is our mission to provide those launching their careers with a solid foundation of knowing who they are – so they can make their journey their own.”

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