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CARLSBAD, Calif., February 26, 2019 – KnowledgeCity continues to raise the bar for quality online compliance training for employees.

Technology is constantly evolving and shaping the way we learn. KnowledgeCity has long understood that compliance training needs to be more than a box-checking exercise to make a meaningful, positive difference in operations and culture. 

KnowledgeCity strives to deliver critical compliance training organizations need while increasing employee engagement through visually appealing, interactive microlearning. Each course enables employees to learn, develop, and retain more in a shorter time period. And, organizations are already noticing the dramatic difference.

“KnowledgeCity has been a breath of fresh air for our organization. It has provided our employees with a platform for continued growth in an easy-to-access online platform,” said Patrick Kenny, Northwest Career College Chief Operating Officer. “We are extremely satisfied with the quality of the solution we have been provided.”

The latest additions to KnowledgeCity’s extensive compliance training course offerings include:

Investigating Sexual Harassment Complaints
In the aftermath of #metoo, it’s more important than ever to ensure that employees and management are handling complaints properly. This course guides learners through the entire investigative process to ensure compliance and responsible outcomes.

Sexual Harassment Prevention
KnowledgeCity offers sexual harassment training courses for employees, as well as managers and supervisors, to ensure that all levels of an organization are compliant and know how to properly identify, prevent, and handle sexual harassment.

Bullying & Disruptive Behavior for Employees
This employee training course gives employees the skills they need to effectively handle workplace bullies and defuse disruptive behavior that can harm the bottom line.

Prevent Discrimination and Embrace Diversity
This course covers identifying, preventing and properly investigating discrimination, as well as how diversity and inclusion can benefit your organization.

ADA Compliance: Reasonable Accommodations for Employees
KnowledgeCity’s ADA Compliance training course teaches employees about ADA protections, as well as handling reasonable accommodation requests and complaints.

For years, KnowledgeCity has been fine-tuning its balance of animations and interactive elements in microlearning lessons to deliver maximum impact with its employee training content. Their latest compliance training courses and updates are no exception to this continual pursuit of providing the best possible employee training content on the Internet.

About KnowledgeCity
is an online training solutions provider based in Carlsbad, California. Founded in 2007, KnowledgeCity is dedicated to growing and evolving to meet the demands of the employee training industry. New courses are added monthly to its extensive Learning Library of more than 13,000 video tutorials, covering critical skills, including business, computer, safety, compliance and finance to provide training and development that is both convenient and effective.

KnowledgeCity employee training courses use microlearning for just-in-time training which allows users to obtain a stronger grasp of the material and immediately implement what they learned. Courses are taught by university professors and industry experts to ensure that all training is the highest quality possible. KnowledgeCity’s easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS) is fully customizable with online portals that include unique organizational branding such as logos and company-specific training courses.

KnowledgeCity also offers full-service Custom Content Creation with an expert production team to transform current content, policies and procedures, or even just ideas, into interactive, engaging learning experiences.


Media Contact: Melody Godsey, [email protected], 760-795-9050.

Source: KnowledgeCity

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