Participants will hear from industry experts like Dr. Benjamin Anderson, Professor of Surgery, Division of General Surgery from the University of Washington School of Medicine; Dr. Karin Rodland, Director and Professor, Biological Sciences Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Dr. Peter Dirks, Senior Scientist and Neurosurgeon, Garron Family Chair in Childhood Cancer Research, The Hospital for Sick Children, Professor of Surgery and Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto; Dr. Jonas Korlach, Chief Scientific Officer, Pacific Biosciences and Dr. Andrew Ravanelli, Senior R&D Scientist, Genome and Epigenome Editing, MilliporeSigma, to name a few.

Cancer research has made major advancements in diagnosis, treatments, and the basic understanding of the disease itself and each year we see a decrease in mortality rates due to a strong focus on learning more about the origination of the disease. Topics for this year’s event include Gas Chromatography/Infrared Spectroscopy, Cancer Epigenetics and Natural History, Cancer Microbiome, as well as developments in Cancer Diagnostics.

Produced on a new, more robust platform, attendees can watch, learn and connect during this conference on mobile devices easier than ever before, without the travel cost that is normally associated with these types of conference. Equipped with gamification and point system, they can now move around the entire virtual event earning points for a chance to win one of LabRoots most popular shirts.

Like other LabRoots events, participants can earn free continuing education credits. Following each presentation, viewers can click on the educational credit link provided for that particular speaker and follow the required process. Once you have completed the process, you will receive a certificate for the educational credit.

To learn more about this event, see the complete list of speakers, or to register for free, click here. Participants can join the conversation online by using #LRCancer.

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