TAMPA, FL, August 22, 2018 — Lane Mendelsohn, the President of VantagePoint Software, the first artificial intelligence trading software available to the retail investor and traders, was invited to speak live on Mike Siegel's radio show to talk about Millennials and retirement.

According to a recent study, the top three financial goals for Millennials are owning a house, being debt free and retiring comfortably. However, the issue, is that most Millennials have not yet opened a retirement account or begun putting money aside for retirement. Mike Siegel, 30-year veteran radio host, invited artificial intelligence trading expert Lane Mendelsohn to provide insight on this phenomenon. The full interview is available here: https://www.vantagepointsoftware.com/news/lane-mendelsohn-mike-siegel-millennials-retirement/

Mendelsohn, whose financial trading software, VantagePoint, uses patented, artificial intelligence-based indicators to predict stock market trends, blames lack of proper trading tools and knowledge. Due to the uncertainty of the stock market, many people are frightened to invest in fear of losing their hard-earned funds because they are not confident in their trading knowledge.

According to Mendelsohn, it is very important to break people of these fears because the compounding interest that results from opening a retirement account is the key to a healthy retirement and will be far more fruitful in the end then just saving cash. He believes the way to diminish these fears, is having the proper tools and education. Mendelsohn's AI forecasting has achieved a documented 86% accuracy in stocks, futures and forex.

“You've got to get the right tools, the right education, and you need to start thinking about the future now so that you can position yourself and your family to prosper in the coming years. There is a lot of opportunity for those who are in the know,” said Mendelsohn.

VantagePoint, the software that Lane's father, Louis Mendelsohn developed back in the late 1980's, is still helping to empower traders and investors today by using its proprietary technology to stack the odds in their favor, giving them the information and confidence they need to make the right decisions at the right time and the software continues to push the limits of technology for the benefit of individual investors and traders.

A free demo and market forecast is available at https://www.vantagepointsoftware.com/demo/ or by calling 800-732-5407.

About Market Technologies
Headquartered in Wesley Chapel, Fla., Market Technologies, creators of VantagePoint Software, is a leader in trading software research and software development. VantagePoint forecasts Stocks, Futures, Forex, and ETFs with proven accuracy of up to 86%. Using artificial intelligence, VantagePoint's patented Neural Network processes predicts changes in market trend direction up to three days in advance, enabling traders to get in and out of trades at optimal times with confidence.

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