Translucent Portals Inc

The Company is currently completing a Series A round of financing at a $33 m valuation.

PLANO, Texas

Translucent Portals, Inc., (the “Company”) today announced that it intends to go public via a reverse merger with a yet to be defined Public Company.

Translucent Portals Inc., is the sole holding company of, a revolutionary site that will bring together a wealth of classroom materials to enable teachers to quickly and effectively plan a lesson and acquire all the necessary components to teach it (i.e. PowerPoints, graphic organizers, worksheets, assignments, and more).

Translucent Portals Inc., is headquartered in Plano, TX and will continue its business as the surviving company of said reverse merger. The Company's current management includes Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Adam Sayed Hamid, and President Robert A. Tomlinson. Upon the reverse merger becoming effective other major players will be added to the executive roster.

“We are extremely excited for the future at Translucent Portals Inc. As a public company we will have the unique ability to tell our story and access capital in a much more efficient manner. It is an exciting time in education. We hope to create a streamlined system in which teachers can save time and create additional sources of income,” said Adam Hamid, CEO of Translucent Portals.

The Company is currently completing a Series A round of financing at a $33 m valuation. When a reverse merger materializes, which we plan to be in July, Translucent Portals Inc.’s valuation is anticipated to be positively impacted.

About Translucent Portals:
Translucent Portals is a user-driven production and distribution company for media content. Focusing on niche markets such as education and local areas, Translucent Portals builds dedicated communities of members who both supply and consume the content offered on its websites. For more information visit

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