On September 9, 2018, the 13th Asia Brand Ceremony was held in Hong Kong, with the theme: “Create the New Era of Brand Value”. Nearly a thousand participants from government leaders, brand leaders, experts and scholars, investment institutions and media reporters of each Asian region attended the ceremony and jointly witnessed the glorious moment of the annual “Oscar Awards” of Asian brands. In the ceremony, several prestigious awards such as Top 500 Asia Brand and Top Ten Influencing Asia Brands were announced.

Mellower Coffee won the award of Top 500 Asia Brand and Ms. Lei Miao president of the company accepted this prestigious award

In this competition with more than 500 brands from 22 countries and regions, Mellower Coffee, the leading Chinese brand of specialty coffee won two major Asian Awards: Top 500 Asia Brand and Famous Asia Brand. With 7 years of continuous exploration in the field of specialty coffee and adhering to the original intention of “Just For a Cup of Good Coffee”, there was little room for competition.

The ceremony is jointly organized by Asia Brand China-Asia Economic Development Association, One Belt One Road Association, Asia Media Group of Korea, China Cultural Industry Association, Hong Kong General Association of International Investment, China-ASEAN General Association of Industry and Commerce, Indian Industries Association, Asia-Pacific Satellite TV, Macao Commercial Post. The judging and selection process were based on measuring the market performance, developing potential, quality level and benefit level of the participating enterprises. ABAS Committee of Experts had decided on the final list based on fair and impartial assessment.

The stage of the 13th Asia Brand Ceremony where each award category was released

Being one of the pioneer organizations that awards brand value, the “Asia Brand Brand Assessment” is widely recognized in the industry. The Asia Brand ranking list released by them is viewed with high authoritativeness as it provides important reference for enterprises’ strategic policy, investment and financing. It has become one of the most important references valued by circles of enterprise, academic and commercial. As indicated by the assessment results of Expert System Committee of Asia Brand Assessment System, the brand valuation of Mellower Coffee reached 13.987 billion Yuan in 2018 and was ranked in Top 500 Asia Brand along with the leading brands of each industry, such as Tencent, ICBC, HUAWEI, Alibaba, Baidu, COFCO and Lee Kum Kee.

Additionally, Mellower outdid herself amongst the participating enterprises from various Asian countries and won the honorary title of “Famous Asia Brand”. This award is based on outstanding market performance, high development potential, excellent achievements in leading the industry, innovation practice and brand loyalty.

Mellower Coffee won the award of “Famous Asia Brand” and Ms. Lei Miao president of the company accepted the award 

One of The Global Leading Professionals In The Coffee industry, Striving To Continuously Perfect That Cup Of Coffee.

Mellower Coffee, founded in 2011, pioneered the construction of the industry chain from “beans to cups” in the coffee industry. With the import and export trading system of raw coffee beans that covers global specialty coffee fields and origin procurement network, Mellower masters the perfect quality of each cup of coffee that reflects the origin of the coffee beans. In 2015, Mellower successively built professional and advanced coffee roasting factories in Yunnan and Shanghai with fully automatic roasting production lines. A professional quality-control team consisting of internationally-known roasting masters is constantly exploring for more unique coffee roasting flavors. In addition, Mellower Coffee also owns a champion coffee mentor team that keeps on developing and producing talents in the coffee industry.

Only The Best Quality Specialty Coffee & Innovative Products For The Consumers

Each production is a cup of masterpiece. Mellower always sticks to the concept of “Just For a Cup of Good Coffee” and insists on exquisite production of specialty coffee. Therefore, consumers can enjoy the specialty coffee, exquisite experience and finest service in Mellower Coffee stores. There are dozens of coffee categories, including roasted coffee beans, drip coffee, pouch coffee, coffee cup, instant coffee and freeze-dried coffee, available on various online platforms. Consumers can easily enjoy the premium specialty coffee experience and the delicious flavors at the comfort of their home.

In the recent years, Mellower Coffee has launched coffee the Coffee Finder Series and the Single Origin Series, based on the coffee beans origin. Raw coffee beans are brought back by Mellower Coffee professional coffee bean seekers from a specific coffee origin and is launched with limited stock and specific periods as the coffee is developed depending on the best roasting methods. Mellower specialty coffee is demonstrated in a way that consumers can easily understand and find out their favorite flavor and origin. At Mellower, the importance of good communication and education on specialty coffee is key as they try to promote a coffee culture that appreciates quality coffee.

In April 2018, Mellower launched the Single Origin Series Specialty Coffee Drink & Mellower Specialty Instant Coffee. The Origin Series is a rare quality of coffee beans whose origin can be traced back from its source. There are three categories in this series of specialty coffee drink, including Mellower Black Coffee Drink, Mellower Latte Coffee Drink and Mellower Fruit-flavored Bubble Coffee Drink. It is worth mentioning that Mellower Fruit-flavored Bubble Coffee Drink creatively integrates juice and bubbles into Ethiopia-origin coffee, which makes it the only fruit-flavored bubble coffee drink on the market.

Comprehensive Brand Globalization Strategy

In 2016, Mellower first entered the overseas market and chose Singapore as the home of its first overseas branch. Mellower became the first Chinese specialty coffee brand to break into the overseas market. Within the next two years, Mellower has opened dozens of stores abroad in Singapore, Vietnam and Korea. The Seongsu-dong Store in Korea was nominated for the Korean Annual Architectural Design Award. In 2019, the Brand Master Store of Mellower Coffee in America is scheduled to open. 

In order to further promote the strategic globalization and improvement of brand awareness, Mellower Coffee has partnered with multiple industries including real estate, finance, automobile and fashion to further expand the global high-end consumption market in the recent years. In December 2017, Mellower, cooperated with internationally-famous brand, Paul Smith, and held the World Tour Exhibition. The brand Paul Smith, was integrated into joint themed pop-up stores, which provided a unique experience for consumers. At the beginning of 2018, Mellower and Kinky Boots, the popular Broadway musical, initiated the new concept of cross-field marketing. Mellower also successively reached strategic cooperation with some emerging lifestyle platforms such as C2M Right Box of Fosun Group, EV card of SAIC and XINGBIANLI, through which mass consumption and the alliance of building a better life is formed.

The Importance of Social Responsibility & Human Relationship

Apart from the ceaseless pursuit for high quality and standards, Mellower Coffee also focuses on the feedback from society. Mellower believes that coffee is based on human relationship and high-quality raw materials. Human beliefs are the most precious parts in craftsmanship and the daily life of coffee farmer is directly related to the quality of coffee beans. Mellower Coffee has always been devoted to connecting with our partners. Mellower Coffee established a connection with Columbia, during which we explored the fields to help coffee farmers to improve the planting of coffee beans with technology, promote fair transactions and transparent pricing, improve the living conditions of coffee farmers and strike the balance between commercial benefits and social morality. Meanwhile, Mellower also targets specialty coffee at the younger group which builds a bridge for college students between campus and society. This introduces college students to integrate and understand the coffee culture and also help with employment. With the passion for public welfare, Mellower pays comprehensive attention to the progress and development in the domestic and foreign coffee fields in hope of promoting the performance growth through humanistic concern.

Fig. The President of India Industries Association delivering the opening speech

The representatives of sponsors of various countries successively delivered speeches.

On site at the 13th Asia Brand Ceremony, Ms. Lei Miao the chairman of board of Mellower Coffee mentioned in her speech that Mellower will continue with their beliefs: Always sticking to the original intention of “Just For a Cup of Good Coffee”, to always be innovating and developing coffee products that are popular with consumers, focusing on brand construction and spreading the culture of Chinese specialty coffee.

“Coffee, culture, creative, close to you”. Each production is a cup of masterpiece. Mellower will always stick to the concept of: “Just For a Cup of Good Coffee” and insists on exquisite production of specialty coffee.

Ms. Lei Miao president of Mellower Coffee accepted the award on site

The winning of Top 500 Asia Brand marks a step of milestone significance in the globalization process of Mellower Coffee and continuously improving enterprise brand value. In the future, Mellower will continue to explore and improve its brand influence, promote the development of Chinese specialty coffee culture and lead Chinese brands towards Asia and the whole world. 

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