People Diagnostix announces North American partnership sharing tech tools to measure and improve mental health in schools and corporations

Press Release updated: Oct 10, 2018 08:54 PDT

VICTORIA, British Columbia, October 10, 2018 – The mental health of individuals is a growing concern globally, and the World Health Organization believes that depression will become the number one cause of global disease burden by 2030. Effective immediately Victoria BC's Positive Minds International has been named regional distributor for People Diagnostix's three tools; which were created and tested across Australia by the People Diagnostix team. All three are designed to change mental health outcomes through measuring wellbeing and promoting psychology interventions

Flourishing at School (FAS) is a cloud based software solution that uses a university validated positive psychology survey to assess the degree to which staff and pupils have developed the “pillars” of good mental health and provide interventions.

FlourishDx (University) allows for data-driven proactive mental health intervention at both an individual & collective level. The smartphone app (also  web/tablet compatible) contains a short version of the school-based FAS survey and a psycho-social risk factors survey including common student stressors such as study load, relationships, knowledge of and access to services. The goal is to keep individuals well, optimize wellbeing, reduce the load on student counseling services, inform campus-based wellbeing interventions, and increase the likelihood that individuals will seek professional assistance if there is a need.

We use a positive psychology approach to measure the degree to which individuals have developed the 'pillars' of good mental health to stay well and optimize the quality of life which allows for data-driven proactive mental health intervention at both an individual and collective level.

Jason van Schie BPsych (Hons), MAPP Psych (Occupational)

Manging Director – People Diagnostix

FlourishDx the smartphone app (also web/tablet compatible), contains two measures: the Flourish Survey (a short version of the school-based Flourishing Profile survey which includes measures of PERMA+Sleep), and a Work Design survey (including common workplaces stressors such as workload, role clarity, autonomy, support, justice etc.). It is a world-leading solution to simultaneously address the shared responsibility for workplace mental health. Survey results allow employees to identify priorities & maintain or optimize wellbeing. The app includes a “Mental Fitness” coach bot, that prompts workers to check in and provides information and resources suited for their wellbeing needs, and interests.

Los Angeles- January 15
San Francisco- January 16
Seattle- January 17
Vancouver- January 18  

Name: Tamara Lechner
Phone: 250-514-8459
Email: [email protected]
To learn more about these tools or to inquire about hosting please contact Tamara Lechner.

Source: Positive Minds International

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