Jim Humphrey has accomplish many things in 53 years; college, 24-years of military service, husband, father, grandfather, community boards, statewide committees, higher education administrator and senior executive. What Humphrey, a retired lieutenant colonel, never expected to be was unemployed beginning January of this year. He also didn’t expect to open a new business later in the same year, almost seven years after leaving the military with a service-related disability.

When the Texas native retired to Tennessee, he and his family expected to ease into civilian life and a second career that drew on his numerous skills and experiences as a military officer. And one who had led thousands of airmen and civilian employees. Six years following his departure from military service, Humphrey found himself unemployed.

“I submitted well over 200 job applications that I felt confidently suited for, but not one of them produced a solid job offer.” Humphrey had spent six of past seven years in areas of higher education followed by the role of Vice President of Operations and Sales with a global manufacturing company. After getting involved with military veteran entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneur Centers in both Nashville and Knoxville, TN, and serving two years with the Governor’s Council on Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families, the former Air Force officer realized his drive and passion resided in helping others identify, articulate, plan and pursue their business goals.

In July of this year, Humphrey laid the foundation to launch IMPACT Digital Marketing. IMPACT Digital is an agency focused primarily on providing all the core digital social media services (campaign development, ad content, optimization, split testing, analytics and etc.) to small and emerging business. “We also have a real passion for giving priority assistance to veteran startups,” stated Humphrey. “I understand how they feel and the challenges facing them.”

IMPACT Digital has been fortunate to immediately gain clients who have put their faith and subsequently their marketing dollars, in the hands of a young startup. “It's a responsibility and privilege we don't take lightly.” The agency strength rest in its ability to strategically plan and produce effective social media campaigns using the best tech and analytics of the day. It also focuses heavily on building long-term relationships. “Our intent is to prove to each client that we are the last marketing agency they will ever need to hire” – Jim Humphrey.

Together, We Can Make An Impact!

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