On August 24, 2018, Global Blockchain Application Development and Innovation Summit hosted by MineBit Exchange was grandly hold in Seoul, South Korea. High-quality projects, exchanges, capitalists and media from China and South Korea are gathered here. The theme of the summit is “Innovation Consensus”, guiding participants to discuss the future development of global blockchain applications.


MineBit Global Blockchain Innovation Summit 

The summit was hold by Korea’s first community-shared digital currency exchange, MineBit Exchange and Korea marketing team BLOCKCHAIN INSIGHT. UP Blockchain Review and TokenUP co-organized the summit. Well-known blockchain media such as Jinse Finance, Mars Finance and other blockchain media also engaged in strategic cooperation.

As the first community-sharing digital currency exchange in Korea, MineBit Exchange advocates “information sharing, benefits sharing, and rights sharing, so that everyone can benefit from the development of the community”.  MineBit Exchange believes that the trading platform can only guarantee the fair participation of investors based on the decentralized value-oriented structure and the community governance mechanism. MineBit Exchange first proposed the “Community Sharing Mechanism”, which aims to create an autonomous, efficient, transparent and fair digital asset trading platform that allows investors to conduct transactions without any barriers and worries.

There are lots of highlights during the Global Blockchain Application Development Innovation Summit. Firstly, the voice is diverse: exchanges, blockchain projects, media, assets management agencies, venture capital institutions and other institutions, seeking common development in Korean market. Secondly, the summit guided to establish a resource-sharing mechanism: blockchain projects, exchanges, capital institutions, and the media will be gathered to explore Korean market. 


It is reported that MineBit co-founder Angela Guo, CFun founder Jia Peijun, INT China Director Yin Xiangyu, director of the Center for Financial Technology and Internet Security Research of Renmin University of China, Yang Dong, and the relevant person in charge of the Korea Blockchain Association, representatives of the Korean high-quality blockchain project attended the summit.

The summit also set up roadshow sessions for projects, including: digital assets allocation platform 8AM FUND for crypto currency investors; basic public chain INT for IoT applications; content community dedicated to non-intermediary, trustworthy, happy reading and shared-revenue project CFun was involved.


At the moment, the blockchain application scenarios are becoming more and more diversified. At the same time, the “blockchain ecological backbone” public chain and the “digital assets center node” exchanges are changing from the technology competition to the fight for ecosystem. MineBit’s global blockchain application development and innovation summit will inevitably make new contributions to better grasp the development of blockchain, promote the application of blockchain projects.

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