With great pleasure, Moduv Management Enterprises announces that a mini-medical school will be held in Monroe County, NY. The Little Medical School will be a fun-filled and hands-on after school program. It is the first program of its sort which will be focused on introducing elementary-aged children and teens to the thrilling world of science and medicine.

Rochester, NY, June 19, 2019 — The interactive conceptual configuration of the program was created by a group of board-certified, well trained medical practitioners and experienced confirmed instructors as a way of motivating young students and teenagers by presenting the little ones to the miracles of science, medicine, pharmaceutical, and the human body, with the optimism that the kids may, in the end, seek a career in the medical line and allied health professions.

The Little Medical School will present science, medicine, and the importance of health to the little ones in an exciting, entertaining, and fun way. Children will learn and have fun as kids dress up like doctors, learn how to use the equipment and instruments used by doctors, and understand how the human body works! The Little Medical School was created as an avenue to expose elementary school children to the wonderful world of science and medicine. This is a great opportunity for everyone involved. The kids will definitely love it.

About Moduv Management Enterprises Founder
Moduv Management Enterprises was founded by Webster Town Justice Candidate, Jean Celian. Mr. Celian felt a need to provide opportunities to children from underserved areas to promote exposure and interest in healthcare careers with the goal of inspiring kids to pursue healthcare careers. Mr. Celian focuses on health care workforce development in underserved areas by enhancing elementary and middle school afterschool and summer camp programs with mini-medical school, mini-nursing school, mini-pharmacy and mini-veterinarian programming. The foundation encourages children from all walks of life to pursue careers in medicine and other healthcare professions. For more information, please visit http://www.littlemedicalschool.com/rochester

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