MXR International Pte Ltd (MXRi), a specialist provider of AR/VR platform for education, publishing and training and Zygote Media Group, Inc., today announced the partnership to integrate Zygote’s medically accurate 3D anatomical models into MXRi’s AR platform to create immersive AR/VR learning content with publishers, educators and training institutes.

Using MXRi’s SnapLearn platform, content publishers can easily turn books and training manuals into an AR/VR experience. The integration of Zygote’s high quality 3D models with SnapLearn will allow medical, health and biology publishers to present the complete human body models in a visually stunning, factually accurate and now, immersive AR/VR format.

Augmented and Virtual Reality is a fast growing content medium and when applied in education and training, allows learners and trainees to better visualise concepts, enhance understanding and improve retention. However, the cost of incorporating AR/VR into existing content publishing process is costly, lengthy and technical.

With MXRis SnapLearn and Zygote’s 3D models, the time and cost of producing AR/VR experience for biomedical education and training will be a tiny fraction of bespoke development while being underpinned by decades of R&D in AR/VR application and 3D production.

“Zygote is already the market leader in providing Human 3D models for cutting edge research and high stake applications. We are excited about this partnership with MXRi as it allows a much wider distribution through biomedical publishers- especially in fast developing markets like China and India.” said Roger Clarke, President of Zygote Media Group, Inc.

“Educators and publishers have known for years that pictures paint a thousand words when it comes to learning difficult concepts in life sciences. With MXRi’s SnapLearn platform, we can literally turn those images to life with AR/VR and this will transform the reading and learning experience. We are delighted to partner with Zygote to make biomedical learning and training more effective and memorable,” said Gerald Cai, MXRi Managing Director and Co-Founder.

The integrated Zygote 3D model library will be available in MXRi’s SnapLearn from October with an official launch at the Frankfurt Book Fair. To find out more or make an appointment for a demo, please contact hello(at)

For more information about Zygote please visit,  and for more information about MXRI.


MXR is a spinoff company from the Mixed Reality Lab of the National University of Singapore that specialises in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) solutions for education, publishing and training. Founded by Dr Steven Zhou, Associate Professor from NUS, MXR is a pioneer in the field of AR with more than a dozen patents for human computer interaction, image recognition and AR publishing. We have won numerous national and international awards for innovative solutions and products in interactive media and software for edutaiment and digital publishing. Since 2007, we have worked with >100 publishers turning >2000 books into AR enabled titles with >1m cumulative users in Asia Pacific. We have established offices in Singapore, China and representatives in India, Malaysia and Taiwan.


Since 1994 Zygote has provided the industry’s leading 3D content for the BioMedical, Entertainment, and Professional markets. Founded on the core principles of high-value service and products, Zygote continues to lead the industry in Medical Education Content. Supporting top production companies including Digital Domain and Sony Pictures, and broadcast companies such as Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC, and The Discovery Channel with high quality 3D content, Zygote’s work has been viewed in countless feature films and television programs. Research and educational institutions served by Zygote include NASA, US Department of Defence, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, Duke University, and Keio University to name a few. Corporate customers include Microsoft, Apple, Google, Oculus, Proctor and Gamble, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and many others. For nearly a quarter century, Zygote’s products have driven electronic medical learning and research.


MXR International Pte Ltd
NUS Enterprise Center
21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace,
Singapore (119613)
Phone: +65 90299126
Email: hello(at)

Zygote Media Group, Inc.
1045 S. 500 E.
American Fork, UT 84003
Phone: +1 (801) 765-4141 
E-mail: service(at)

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