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Nanoport, the Silicon Valley R&D lab working on next-generation user interaction technologies, announces its official sponsorship of the IEEE World Haptics Conference. During the 4-day event, members and attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the haptics industry’s latest advancements.

In line with Nanoport’s support for advancing haptics technology, attendees and IEEE Members will be able to get their own exclusive TachHammer haptics actuator, designed for virtual reality (VR), video games, automotive interfaces, virtual buttons (HMI), medical and industrial applications.

All conference attendees will receive a QR code to claim their free TacHammer Carlton unit, found on the back of their TacHammer information packet. The TacHammer Carlton is specially designed to be fully modular, allowing developers to experiment with impact haptics by using different impact materials, spacers and mounting methodologies.

“We are thrilled to be sponsoring and attending an event that brings together and celebrates experts from around the world in the area of haptics technology,” says Kyle Skippon, Mechanical Engineer at Nanoport.

The IEEE World Haptics Conference brings together industry leaders working on video games, virtual reality, automotive, mobile, robotics, medical, and haptics research. The primary goal will be to advance the field of haptics through networking among academia, industry, and affiliated specialists, and to build mutual understanding among colleagues from all over the world.

Nanoport will be attending the IEEE World Haptics Conference from July 9-12 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.

About Nanoport Technology Inc

Nanoport Technology Inc. is a Silicon Valley R&D lab for mobile technologies. The company specializes in the development of advanced solutions for connectivity, haptics, multi-device applications and human-device interfaces. Nanoport Technology also offers a range of specialized components for close-range communication, power transfer and modular device interactivity. For more information, visit

About IEEE World Haptics Conference

IEEE World Haptics Conference 2019 is the 8th Joint Eurohaptics Conference and the IEEE Haptics Symposium. The IEEE World Haptics Conference is the premier international conference covering all aspects of haptics, including the basic scientific findings, technological developments, algorithms and applications. It is a central venue for reporting research results and demonstrating novel capabilities in the field of haptics. For more information, visit

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