See the whole picture! You can get as tight as you want, or you can loosen up and have fun.


Streamline Premium Art Videos has released a new instructional video from Tim Rees titled “Tim Rees | Modern Figures: Painting Big, Fresh, and Loose.” Rees is an Art Renewal Center-approved instructor and modern master painter, known for his life-size figure paintings done in the manner of Alphonse Mucha and Victorian artists of the 1800s.

In this video, art students will follow in the footsteps of the Old Masters by creating impactful modern figure paintings. Award-winning artist Tim Rees guides students from preliminary steps to finishing strokes as he creates one of his breathtaking, energetic life-size works.

Students will start with a lesson on how to set up the model and complete an expressive color study. They then learn how to translate a life-size figure onto canvas using shadow map drawing to set the placement of the figure, resolve shapes, and differentiate between lights and darks. From there they will proceed to complete the painting, from face to figure to background. Along the way they will learn tips for simplified color mixing, using paint application to create depth, how to make a variety of edges, and the mechanics of working on a life-size canvas!

And for those painters who aren’t sure if they are ready to paint big — they too will benefit from Tim’s instruction for all of their figure paintings! Whether painting big or small, figure painters are going to discover how much fun painting fresh, loose, and free can be with Tim’s show-stopping techniques and instruction.

Rees says, “I hope students are able to get an insight into the mechanics behind painting large, avoiding distortions with an understanding of how to paint large — concepts of creating depth, getting good quality color and varied paint application, and figuring out how to put all of these elements together.”

He adds, “See the whole picture! You can get as tight as you want or you can loosen up and have fun.”

Impactful Painting Lessons Included in This Video:

Mix just about any color from a limited palette
Execute an accurate drawing for design and placement
Address anatomy for proper perspective and proportions
Learn techniques for placing the figure on the canvas
Understand and use values to describe form
Utilize paint thickness to create depth, atmosphere, and focal points
Use brushwork to create movement
Complete a color study
Use shadow mapping
Paint a life-size figure from start to finish

About the Artist
Tim Rees is an artist and head of Art Renewal Center-approved school Rees Atelier in Arizona. He paints all subjects in a range of techniques and is best known for his loose portraits and striking life-size figure paintings. Though he has been painting for less than a decade, his dedication and contributions to art education have garnered him numerous awards and publications. While some of his work has narrative or a message, he says the most important goal with his paintings is to add to the inherent beauty of the world. His work can be seen at and on Instagram @ReesFineArt.

About Streamline Premium Art Video
Streamline Premium Art Video was created because we believe art videos should reflect the quality of the artists and their artwork, with videos delving into the mindset of each artist. Each video is tastefully created, starting with proper lighting and sound as well as multiple camera angles. Our goal is to offer the viewer a higher-quality experience and more for their investment, so they can understand the thinking behind each step of a demonstration and virtually feel every brushstroke. Each artist is interviewed by an art expert, such as our editors or publisher, to help you understand everything that goes into a work of art. As we do in our magazines, our goal is to tell the full story, in depth and with a true feel for the artist.

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