Karma is in constant, dynamic motion and visits us continuously, with blessings to anybody in sync with the Karmic arc of love, peace, and humaneness.


Shaw states that “It is no accident but in fact is pure Karma” that on August 28, 2018 “Twin events happened that enshrined Stormy Daniels in Karmic light.” First, VOGUE magazine introduced its October issue with Daniels exquisitely and expensively gowned. Second, also on August 28, Amazon-Kindle published Shaw’s eBook, Stormy Daniels: Heroine-Patriot: Saving America From Russian Conspiracy and Trump Sabotage. He adds, “Karma is in constant, dynamic motion and visits us in countless forms, with bountiful blessings to anybody in sync with the Karmic arc of love, good, peace, unselfishness, humaneness, and altruism. Stormy Daniels is reaping Karmic good!”

Shaw's book praises Daniels as an American heroine-patriot and compares Daniels to Betsy Ross, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Michelle Obama, Dr. Martin Luther King, and others. Shaw tells readers that “the core components of American patriotism are exemplified and evinced in Stormy Daniels.” Shaw has taught patriotism, loyalty, and ethics to elementary, middle, and high school students, and has held university posts and faculty positions teaching doctoral students. He says that America is “the country of initiative, individuality, a work-hard ethic, a can-do spirit, courage, intelligence, faith,” and cooperation and collaboration with others. Shaw says Stormy Daniels “bravely exhibits all these American values and love of country and community” in ways that anger and embarrass her critics.

Shaw puts his views of President Trump in a psychological perspective. Trump, who has all but denied Daniels’ claims of their past sexual relationship, “insulates himself with his favorite, cliche of a defense,” when responding to press queries about the more than a dozen women currently ready to testify in court about his alleged sexual harassment-aggression. “His 'Look at them…they're not my type!', could soon be on t-shirts and caps, heaven forbid. With that defense, is Trump simultaneously making veiled suggestions that, during his multiple marriages, his wives eventually ceased to be “my type”?

Will President Trump criticize or try to block sales of Stormy Daniels: Heroine-Patriot…, since he purportedly does not like Jeff Bezos, owner of both the Washington Post and Amazon-Kindle Publishing? Shaw says, “My book is about Stormy Daniels, who might otherwise be an unsung American, if a writer like me had not recorded and documented her true heroism and patriotism, as she stood up to Trump and sued him. If my book agitates Trump, one self-help initiative in which he might find salvation would be his creation of a national health care program and then become its first mental health enrollee.”

Shaw, who holds a Ph.D., serves on the Panel of Experts of the Los Angeles Superior Court and has been on the faculties of Loyola Marymount University, California Southern University, and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. His other books include Jack and Jill, Why They Kill; Odor in the Court: Counterfeit Justice and How George Zimmerman Got Away With Murder; Girl Sinner, Lady Saint; and Jesus Christ, Inc.

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