If you are a nurse manager or have been a nurse manager, you are invited to take part in a research study about leadership and job satisfaction.

Pensacola, FL, June 22, 2019 — The researcher, Octave Ellis, a Walden University doctoral student is seeking to understand the relationship between nurse managers' leadership and job satisfaction. Using survey instruments participants' self-leadership strategies, authentic leadership, and job satisfaction will be measured. The responses collected will be examined to identify any such relationship.

The U.S. health sector operates in an environment of increasing competition that has been forcing the transformation of health care entities. As market forces such as economic and political conditions demand more from these important entities, so too, do these entities demand the highest levels of knowledge and skills from their employees, such as their nursing workforce. In order to maintain their competitiveness these entities must manage a highly skilled and knowledgeable employee base. This engagement is done through managers at all levels, and for nurses, it is the role of the nurse manager to guide their staff members towards success in providing high quality patient care, all while meeting the objectives of the organization. Studies have indicated that job satisfaction of nurse managers is a prominent factor related to their intention to remain on the job. Gaining a better understanding of the relationships that influence nurse manager job satisfaction can help those interested in this topic discover how better to reduce intent to leave and improve job satisfaction. However, this can only be done through examining existing studies and developing new ones that build from these previous studies.

Please visit leadershipjobsatisfactionstudy.weebly.com to learn more. This site has been established to provide prospective participants with more information about the surveys, informed consent, inclusion criteria and to direct qualifying participants to the surveys.

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